Grills Gone Wild

Dual outdoor dining kitchens combine to blend a Tuscan wine country and Hawaiian gardens theme in this entertainers resort.

1,500 repurposed wine bottles create the backdrop for the Italian outdoor kitchen. Each “window” was built with 500 emptied bottles and backlit with 1000 fiber optic lights. The whimsical light show is run on a phone app and can go from subtle dimmable light, twinkle, or a 7 color party show that synchronizes with the music. It’s reminiscent of the Laserium shows we saw as teenagers.

The center waterfall wine tasting bar was built with only recycled crushed wine bottles and white cement. Cohen had 2# pounds of the colorful glass chips flash dipped in silver so they act like sparkling all sided mirrors once they were ground and polished, a secret Green Scene signature feature.

The fireplace is a pass through feature that creates a window to the lush greenery backdrop. A 5 foot wide Faux log display from Real Fyre Creates a realistic natural looking fire without much of a carbon footprint. The designer aged the facade of the fireplace to look as if it has been burned for decades.

Authentic to old world Italy, the decorative pottery is made of hand carved stone. The sculptor starts with a large block of natural Canterra stone and grinds and whittles away until the final piece takes form. The Green Scene has a team of Artisans that work from our drawings and can create custom pottery and columns for your garden too.

The well-equipped outdoor kitchen includes a 42” Alfresco grill, a sear zone, oversize bartending beverage center sink, ice cooler, ice maker, refrigerator, trash holder, and storage doors/drawers.

Counters of polished stone were cast in place in a monolithic (one time) pour and then polished to a smooth gloss finish. Polished counters are densified and very difficult to stain.

Tile Italian Villa mural to the left of the fireplace was custom ordered and printed on ceramic tile. We can create a tile mural or backsplash using any artwork you have.

Travel from one part of the yard to another “across the pond’ a 9,000 gallon water feature that is home to 40 colorful Koi fish and 6 amusing Turtles. The Mrs. Says, the turtles are my favorite! They climb all over each other basking in the sun on the rocks.

The Tropical freeform swimming pool is complemented with a 22 foot cave slide, multiple waterfalls, climbing rocks and a jump bridge (no head first diving).  The sparkling deep blue color of the pool is created using “Jewelscapes” Water Blue glass beads for the plaster finish. Although it looks and feels authentic, the rock work is entirely manufactured of steel and concrete that has been hand carved by our hardscape crews. Lush plantings surround the pool and pond areas creating an environment so natural looking its hard to believe the yard is actually located in dry Chatsworth, California.

Special features in the pool include, a pair of “Ledge Loungers” that sit atop the Baja Shelf for some afternoon sun tanning, and a built in polished concrete table. The built in pool tables are our most popular feature as they create a go to destination for pool-time cocktails and wet deck cards.

At night the Tiki bar comes to life as the counter itself has large chunks of colorful glass that are back fed with fiber-optic cables. The lights subtly move through the counter and create a wonderfully entertaining cocktail bar.

The central feature between the pond and pool is a 16 foot diameter Palapa with a ceiling fan, misting system and outdoor heater.  The flooring looks like real wood, but is actually an artistic stamped concrete version created by the artisan concrete team at The Green Scene.

A variety of family fun games like Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, Blongo-Ball, and Horse Shoes can all be played on the 50 by 10 foot sand play court.  Flanked by fruit trees of Lemon, Lime, Mexican lime, Pineapple Guava, Persimmon, Plum, Tangerine, Pink, Grapefruit and an assortment of Dragon Fruit, all help shade the area and keep players cool in the hot summer months.

Aqua Master Best Outdoor Kitchen “Grills Gone Wild”

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