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“We wanted to take the time to congratulate you and the entire Green Scene staff for the outstanding job you did on our landscaping and pool. Most people just drop their jaws, then they get comfortable and don’t want to leave. We feel the same way.”

Johnston: “5-star fabulous”– Calabasas

“Everything came out great! Thank you for the great work done to build my Pool, Spa, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, and Swim Up Bar! Maximizing the small backyard space at my new home in Porter Ranch.”

Ellis: - “The Plug Scene” Westcliffe, Porter Ranch

“We definitely recommend Green Scene. Our front and backyard look beyond amazing, SO aesthetically pleasing, our friends and family are taken back at HOW beautiful it turned out. Just like with anything else, you def get what you pay for.”

Tonoyan: “Clean Scene”Avila, Porter Ranch

“We are in awe and in love with our new backyard! They may not be the low cost leader, but you get what you pay for.  Scott as a designer is masterful and the team delivers quality.”

Catlin: “Infinite Chi”Porter Ranch

The job was very big and Green Scene was able to do everything from beginning until end smoothly. You get what you pay for and in the end, we felt the price was good considered the top notch quality. We couldn't have been happier with The Green Scene.”

Rossi: Moorpark “Bad-Ass Backyard”

“To say Scott Cohen is an artist diminishes his ability to execute a precise objective, as an honest and morally sound contractor. He is a great visionary and has put together a top-level crew to facilitate the implementation and execution of his vision.”

Flowers: Malibu “Graceful Curves”

“These guys are absolutely the best Landscaping team in the San Fernando Valley and beyond. Everyone we recommend to them uses The Green Scene after bidding everybody in town. Their work is extraordinarily good. Thank you Green Scene we love the yard.”

Stabile: “Cool Spool” Avila, Porter Ranch

“The Green Scene did an amazing job on our very old, very outdated yard. We now have a yard that is functional, relaxing, beautiful and made for entertaining. I felt that the pricing was exactly on target for the quality of materials and expertise that we received.“

Chase: Encino “Multilevel Family Retreat”

“The Green Scene …delivered a stellar landscape for our dream home! They completed the work on schedule, they were really easy to work with, flexible when we wanted to add or change things during the process, and most of all the pride in their craftsmanship is second to none.

Joiner: “Scenic Exhibit” Westcliffe, Porter Ranch

“We wanted to express our family's gratitude for the incredible job that The Green Scene has done to change our property into a fantastic resort. They can create what your mind can only imagine. Who needs to go on vacation when you already have a resort at home?”

Kiker: “Backyard Golf and Swim Club” Camarillo

“They are highly experienced and knowledgeable with outstanding creativity and quality. Well-staffed office always available to assist with any issues or concerns, and field crew always on time to perform the project.”x

HA: “Serene Scene” Porter Ranch

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We recently had the pleasure of working with Green Scene Landscaping Company for a complete overhaul of our front and backyard, and I cannot recommend them enough! From the initial consultation to the final touches, the team was professional, courteous, and dedicated to creating the outdoor oasis of my dreams.
Their attention to detail was impeccable. Every plant was thoughtfully placed and perfectly complemented the overall design. They took the time to explain each step of the process to us and were always open to our input and suggestions.

Not only did they transform our backyard into a beautiful and functional space, but they also made the entire process stress-free and enjoyable. I appreciated their clear communication and timely updates throughout the project.

I have received countless compliments on our new backyard, and it is all thanks to the hard work and expertise of Green Scene Landscaping Company. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of landscaping services. You won’t be disappointed!”

Our special thank to Mr. Scott Cohen and his wonderful team.

Netflix and Grill Client Reivew

Our back yard and the front yard is the BEST in the neighborhood! Scott is an amazing designer and he will give you unique design for your home. He has so many ideas! Our neighbors often stop at front of our home and tell us that our yard is the best. And, they haven’t even seen our back yard! Greenscene was very professional and detailed in every way. I had terrible experience before with contractor so we were very cautious for this project. Scott impressed me completely. Greenscene completed everything they promised and more. Service reps who stop-by our home for Westcliffe community told us that our backyard was the best he has seen in our community! I’d recommend Greenscene to anyone who had bad experience with other contractor. Thank you Scott and Frank, Greenscene! We are going to enjoy our outdoor living!

Daniel L

Review taken from Houzz

We met with several pool contractors/designers; Thankfully, we met with Scott Cohen at Green Scene Landscape. He exceeded our expectations with his design/vision; Scott’s 3D illustration that he presents is the finished product,  We couldn’t be happier with the look of our front and backyard.  We’ve gone through two major remodels.  Anyone that goes through construction knows of the challenges and patience required to see it through;   Scott’s knowledge and expertise is evident in your first meeting as it relates to design/pool/construction/landscape/hardscape.  His employees are responsive/accessible/professional.  You owe it to yourself at a minimum to have Scott come and sit at your kitchen table.

Wendy M

Review taken from Yelp

Scott, Shawn & the team were simply first class throughout the entire process. We hired The Green Scene to map out a design for our front-yard/driveway and they transformed a bare grass/cement to a stunning courtyard with a big bench, water fountain, lots of flowers/plants to go along with a picturesque driveway. Their open lines of communication, follow through and attention to detail were very much appreciated and we anxiously look forward to working with them again soon!

John C

Review taken from Google 

I could not be happier with my experiences in dealing with Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools. Although I initially was only looking to get my pool redone and maybe get some hardscaping replaced, after seeing the designs that the owner Scott came up with, it quickly turned into a complete redo of the whole backyard. Aside from Scott’s beautiful designs, the structure of the company was very impressive to me and every person I dealt with at the office was on top of it and a pleasure to deal with. I was informed at every step of the process and the supervisor on the job, Frank, was always there when needed to answer my questions. We were so impressed with our Project manager Angel, in honor of the extra steps she had to take to get the equipment for the waterfall feature, we named them after her, Angels Falls. In addition, every crew that worked on the project were top notch and very courteous. I found myself just staring out the window marveling at what they were able to do and how they did it. It’s quite the process. As you can see from the pictures I’ve posted, we started with a very plain backyard and ended up with an oasis that we now spend more time in than ever before. Thanks to the whole staff at Green Scene for making this happen.

Sully G

Review taken from Google 

Scott and his team were amazing!! They went above and beyond to provide us the best service, design, and construction for our front yard. The moment we met with Scott, he already knew what to design for our front yard. GreenScene made the process fun and exciting, from picking material, going over 3D design to choosing the landscaping.

Thank you!!

Jizell K

Review taken from Yelp

If you are looking for the best landscape and pool company, I have good news for you. You just found it: GREEN SCENE.

My wife and I couldn’t be happier. We got our dream’s backyard to come true. Scott was able to materialize every aspect and vision we shared with him in a beautiful and astonishing design/project. You won’t find someone else better them him in designing, period!

It’s not gonna be cheaper, but trust me, you won’t regret it, and you’re gonna get exactly what you pay for (and more)… and it’s worth every dollar, without a doubt. If you want the best, you have to pay for it. It all started with an amazing 3D modeling (you can fly through using 3D goggles) where you can see every inch and every angle of your project. And the final real-world result reflects 100% of the 3D rendering.

Then, there is the execution: that is usually a nightmare as any kind of construction project, but not with Green Scene. Their team is amazing, from the admin staff in the office to the guys in the construction field. Lisa and Kinsey, in the office, will help you anytime, always being super friendly, diligent, and patient. Frank, the site manager, is a great guy, super professional, and a real problem solver. You gonna get to know everything is happening, without the headaches of managing or worrying about the problems (because they happen a lot during a construction). It is effortless and transparent to you.

And then, the final result: everything is perfectly finished with an amazing attention to detail and quality. The pool, the spa, the garden, the hardscape, the plants, the lights, every aspect of the project perfectly delivered. And the final photo/video session made us feel like we were on one of those landscape magazine covers.

Do as my next-door neighbor did, after seeing our project he hired Green Scene right away. Now, we both have the best pools and landscapes in the neighborhood. We strongly recommend Green Scene, Scott, and his fantastic team. You gonna get your dream come true and an outstanding project!!!

Leandro C

Review taken from Yelp

When you’re considering landscaping and hardscaping for your home it is a big decision, you’ll be looking at it for many years every day not to mention spending a significant amount of money. So it is important to shop around and read reviews which is what we did. We chose to go with Scott and Green Scene after meeting with quite a few companies in the area because we went to the office and saw the operation and the schedules and crew management not to mention the portfolio is amazing and we couldn’t be happier. The quality and craftsmanship is out of this world. But beyond that they did what they said they were going to do and more and they did it ahead of schedule. We live in a new community and you can definitely see the difference in our house to the rest of the neighborhood. People stop daily to complement. After seeing and hearing the horror stories of our neighbors that used other companies that didn’t show up for months or came for a day then left we definitely know we made the right decision. The crews are professional and efficient and CLEAN, every day doing a sweep and removing trash etc makes such a huge difference when we see our neighbors houses with trash and cups and dirt everywhere everyday. There is a pride in what they do at green scene. You can’t put a price on piece of mind. We Highly recommend Green Scene and will definitely be using them again in the future for our next home.

Fabian M

Review taken from Houzz

I am not being paid to say this. In fact, I’ve paid good money to say this. LOL. But at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Competent, Accomplished, Artists from Greenscene arrived one day to our unfinished and rocky yard and turned it into a ravishing beauty. Cheerfully I can say that the yard is a source of meeting our new neighbors. Judging the front yard and looking at the 3D visuals advertised in our front yard, all our neighbors have stopped by and asked for a tour of the backyard. The 3D drawings were so helpful to us in visualizing what our yard would turn into. A bleak landscape was what we faced everyday until one day, it was done! The fire and water feature is a one of a kind, as is the lighting under the bbq unit and bench. The fire pit is gorgeous and the tile used in and around the pool turned out beautifully. Its a family affair for Scott Cohen..so he’s not going to do a shoddy job. His wife, Lisa, provides on point accounting, and his lovely daughter, Kinsey, gives you immediate access to the office if you need to connect. Most of his workers have been with him for decades. His main tile man, Johnny, is a total artist and gentleman. Shawn, his supervisor is available and helpful. His words: Our priority is to make you happy. He takes the time to sit and explain the agenda items. Angel in the back office is great with her weekly emails and constant monitoring of supply chain. Overall, I could say more, but I’m sure you will experience this and more with Greenscene. Five Stars, no question about it. Thanks, Scott and Greenscene!

Tahmeena A

Review taken from Google 

The Green Scene is different. This company embodies professionalism, quality, and creativity. From the very first meeting with Scott Cohen, you could tell that you were not signing up for some cookie-cutter, make-shift landscaping design. Instead, what Scott promises, and in fact offers and delivers, is unique, cutting-edge, and highly personal landscape artistry.

We just moved to the area (Toll Brother home), and knew that we needed landscaping to match the quality and aesthetic of our new build. Only one company has come close to making our dreams a reality, and that is Green Scene. Other companies in the area cut corners, rush the process, or ignore attention to detail. Not The Green Scene.

If you chose to go with The Green Scene you can rest assured that the process will be enjoyable, professional, easy, and rewarding. We cannot wait to see what our finished product will look like; however, to date, our experience has been nothing but fantastic.

Andrew B

Review taken from Google 

Our back yard and the front yard is the BEST in the neighborhood!

Scott is an amazing designer and he will give you unique design for your home. He has so many ideas! Our neighbors often stop at front of our home and tell us that our yard is the best. And, they haven’t even seen our back yard! Greenscene was very professional and detailed in every way. I had terrible experience before with contractor so we were very cautious for this project. Scott impressed me completely. Greenscene completed everything they promised and more.

Service reps who stop-by our home for Westcliffe community told us that our backyard was the best he has seen in our community!
I’d recommend Greenscene to anyone who had bad experience with other contractor.

Thank you Scott and Frank, Greenscene! We are going to enjoy our outdoor living!

Meta 818

Review taken from Google 

As an architect and contractor it is very difficult for me to give up design and construction control. I am very detailed oriented and have very high expectations. I can truly say that this is the first time in my 40 year career that I have been completely satisfied with the end product. My wife and I chose Gree Scene because design was very important to us and we had a challenging small back yard with a big list of features that we wanted. Scott, Tyler and Frank did not disappoint! We can open our three panel slider and we feel like the back yard is part of our living room. It is so wonderful that the builder of our community often requests to bring a potential buyer over to view what can be done with a “tract home”. Thank you Green Scene!

Clyde W

Review taken from Google 

In choosing a company to completely renovate our back and front yards, our objectives were clear – find a well-respected and reputable company capable of handling every element of the project from designing, building, and all steps in between to best fulfill our wish of being an absolutely fantastic space for entertaining our family with 2 young children and extended gatherings of sometimes 100+ people. We issued our challenge, wanting clear features of our yard to try to squeeze the most out of it possible – to make it… awesome.

After discovering that Green Scene had done a number of projects in our neighborhood, all of which turned our great, we decided to give them a call. Scott Cohen (owner) came out and gave his info session/learning our wants/sales pitch. He may have come on a little strong, but, as we would soon find out, Scott was able to back-up his lofty pitch with a clear demonstration of expertise, know how, and, most importantly, being able to blend his clients desires and imagination with his years of experience to create something magnificent.

Once construction began, it was clear to us that we made the right choice in company. The workers showed up promptly each day, worked hard, were always extremely professional, and all extremely skilled. Green Scene used a combination of their own employees and some specialty trade subcontractors. They all seemed to work well together and were all very well managed from the Green Scene office. Overall, we were extremely impressed by the workers who worked tirelessly to make our yard as amazing as it turned out. These guys were fantastic!

The timeline was fairly close to the schedule that was initially presented to us – despite all the rain toward the end of the project which they worked their best around. Sure, during the project we had our occasional frustrations, but, what’s a project without that? The Green Scene folks are busy and sometimes, a few reminders are in order. Fortunately, any issue was minor and was always quickly resolved. There were a few unexpected discoveries that increased the initial quote – cracks discovered in the pool and needing a larger gas line. We believe Green Scene charged fairly for these unknown items and did not see it as an opportunity to price gouge. During the course of the project, we added a few things here and there which affected the overall budget, but, that was our decision. All in all, everything was kept clean and transparent with very little that was not already taken into account at the beginning. Even after I paid in full, the small fix-it items were done promptly without any frustrations. The project went about as smooth as these projects can ever go.

Once the dust settled, the equipment left the site, and the workers went home, we were left with the yard of our dreams. Every wish was fulfilled, we cannot be happier with the outcome. As for the investment we made, it will pay dividends. No, we do not plan to ever sell our home, but, this is a yard that our family will cherish for years. This magnificent new yard brings us all outside to enjoy the quality family time to spend together. In this day in age, anything to pull the kids to get outside, to explore and to play, to use their imagination, to laugh and to live makes this entire project completely worth-while. Sure, we could have selected a company that quoted less or promised to do it faster, but, in the end, this is not a time to cut corners. Simply put, Green Scene works with a higher level of skill and experience than anyone else we were able to find. Every time they start a project, it is clear that they are putting their entire lofty reputation on the line and they will work around the clock to ensure that they don’t disappoint. Without hesitation and with the upmost confidence, we highly recommend Green Scene to transform your outdoor living space into one beyond what you can ever imagine. We are so proud to now be part of the Green Scene family.


Review taken from Google 

Everything came out great thank you Frank & Scott for the great work done to build my Pool, Spa, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, and Swim Up Bar! Maximizing the small backyard space at my new home in Porter Ranch.

Jeremey E

Review taken from Google 

“Scott’s design hit the mark. He listened. He is responsive and accessible. He accepts accountability when things don’t go just right.

We just chose the pavers today and it was a big deal to me. I have very specific tastes in color, texture and richness, and we walked away feeling good today. I’ll keep you posted. It’s a four month job. Pool, back yard redesign, BBQ, pergula, fire pit seating area, heaters, and dining area. Great so far!

Stan K

Review taken from Facebook

Our story is very similar to Michelle T’s review. We live in a new Toll Brothers development in Chatsworth, CA and hired Scott Cohen from The Green Scene to step in as an expert witness after we hired the WORST contractor to take on our pool and landscaping project. We had nothing but problems, poor work and broken promises for 2 and 1/2 years until he finally abandoned the job.  We wasted so much of our time chasing him down and paid thousands above the contracted price to get our project far enough along to be able to use some our yard. It was a nightmare!

Scott Cohen from The Green Scene was able to jump in as an expert witness and inspect every inch of our project. He acted in conjunction with our attorney to move the project forward as much as he could and provided some of the only peace of mind we had in years. We then hired The Green Scene to take over the full landscaping portion of the job. The crew was timely and the work was done quickly – the polar opposite of our experience with our first contractor. Finally our three toddler boys can play outside in the yard, which as you can imagine is a lifesaver during this pandemic where we have all been stuck in our homes.

We also feel like we needed to share our experience to help save you some of the nightmares we endured.  We learned a hard lesson about paying a contractor in advance to do work and to not to be fooled by nice guys who will ultimately over-promise and under deliver. If we had hired The Green Scene as our contractor in the beginning, we would have saved ourselves years of headaches, money and time we can never regain. We hope you can learn from our mistakes and do the right thing – Hire The Green Scene!!

Miranda A

Review taken from Yelp

“Pool construction is a luxury business to begin with and as a pool subcontractor I’ve seen a lot of companies come and go with the economic waves. Few companies are run as diligently and organized as Scott Cohen’s Green Scene. His vision and design team are able to create extraordinary upper echelon water features, backyards and landscapes. From the construction management, to the inner workings of the office every project runs extremely efficiently. I have no doubt that they are among the elite pool builders of the state, country and world. It is a pleasure to work with professional builders and people who care about a beautifully finished product compared to just a profit. I highly recommend The Green Scene to anyone looking to build an above the average pool with the perfect balance of taste and style.”

Jared D

Review taken from Facebook

“We were hesitant to spend the money, but we’re glad we did. They left our house immaculate before they left each day…. The owner was so helpful. He really took time to explain all the pros and cons of things we were choosing. We would definitely recommend this company. They were honest, fair, trustworthy and just nice people to work with. The job was also done on time. Wow!

Kim Thomas

We are very delighted with our new back yard. For 16 years our family lived with just dirt and weeds in our backyard. We interviewed many architects and pool companies. Thank you, Scott and The Green Scene team, for a job well done. We highly recommend the Green Scene.

Douglas and Stephanie Hubbard

“We wanted to … express our family’s gratitude for the incredible job that The Green Scene has done to change our property into a fantastic resort… We met with Scott and immediately knew that his ideas and passion for creating a resort backyard was what we wanted. Little did we know that, when completed, our project we would be so far beyond anything we ever could have imagined. It is a masterpiece. From the outset, Scott’s attention to detail and the sense of how the property should flow was impeccable…The Green Scene’s crew is professional, respectful, cordial, and do great work. … If you want to change your property into something special, something that will stir your emotions, then look no further than Scott Cohen and The Green Scene … They can create what your mind can only imagine.”

The Kiker Family

“I would like to express our sincere thanks for the beautiful back and front yard you have created for our family. It has been a pleasure having you understand our vision and make it a reality. We look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.”

Najeeb and Aiesha Gauri

“Dear Scott, Mike and I would just like to thank all of the employees at The Green Scene for making our pool remodel go so smoothly. The crew went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things were just as we wanted them. Being an accountant, I was also happy that we finished slightly under budget and the invoices matched well with the contract. I am hoping I can use The Green Scene again when we do future landscaping work and I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for a great landscape and swimming pool design and build firm. Thanks again.”

Marlo M. Aragon

“To say Scott Cohen is an artist diminishes his ability to execute a precise objective, as an honest and morally sound contractor, to say he is a great contractor diminishes his artistic creative ability to seamlessly bridge form and function. He is a great visionary and has put together a top level crew to facilitate the implementation and execution of his vision. He is a renaissance man in the purest and most concrete definition, his knowledge of pools, materials, plantings, gardening, and construction are second to none. He finds creative ways to seamless blend his pool designs into the environment and into the lifestyle of the homeowners.

In the crowded space of pool builders and contractors, he is in a class all by himself.

Grace Flowers

“We met Scott Cohen recently when looking to remodel our backyard, build a BBQ station and renovate our 25 year old pool/spa. He provided a magical video illustrating how our completed project would look. We were awed by the design and decided to engage Green Scene. The work was performed flawlessly under the direction of supervisor Frank within the schedule projected and cost estimated. The sub-contractors and Scott’s crew worked cleanly, courteously and professionally. We could not have dreamed or anticipated the magnitude this transformation could create. When friends and relatives see this new outdoor environment our pride intensifies. This is the first time that I have publicly verbalized my experience, but Green Scene highly deserves our praise and appreciation. I highly recommend Green Scene.”

Peter and Alicia

“Talk about mind blowing results. We asked for a one-of -a-kind pool and boy did we get one. Scott Cohen is a creative genius. He listened to all of our concerns, wishes and ideas and put together an environment which exceeded all of our expectations.

We originally hired Green Scene to design and construct a pool and later added a patio, sun deck, landscape and lighting. They were 100% professional and lived up to all of their project management timetables impeccably. The crew was kind, professional, knowledgeable, courteous and most of all…. NEAT.

What impressed me was how the whole project came together like poetry.

Natural Tuscan Pool & Spa – Scott Cohen is a true artist and a skilled consultant. He is fun to work with and makes sure that he hears what you want. In the process, they provide lots of samples and ideas so even when you are not sure exactly the look or the material…you find it together. The teams that build the pool are professional, neat, concerned about getting it right and wonderfully pleasant. If you are looking for a pool designer and builder, look no farther; they are the best!! Thanks Green Scene for the redesign of our backyard. I love it!!

Marc and Janel Holland

I want to thank you, Scott, for listening and addressing all of my concerns. Once we met I knew Green Scene was the right choice.

I am so impressed with your crew and apologize if I forget anybody. Their work was professional and very meticulous. They really took pride in their endeavor. What a marvelous group of people! It was always very pleasant to call the office and speak to any one of your staff. They were courteous, extremely professional, and on top of all permits, orders, and schedules. Your billing was detailed and easy to understand. I always felt at ease calling your office for assistance. I looked forward to our onsite meetings where you would enthusiastically display new materials and ideas. All together, The Green Scene is exceptional. Thank you for the stunning pool and spa, the spectacular copper fire bowls with water cascades, the exceptional outdoor fireplace with television, the fountain, and the great choice of pavers, tiles, and landscaping. In my wildest dreams I had never pictured such an extraordinary piece of art. Scott, you turned my backyard into a gorgeous, tranquil, resort-style private oasis. I am amazed at your imagination and execution. We love it!”

The D’Elia family

“Dear Scott, We are thrilled with the backyard you and your team created for us. When we first met, you asked questions to get a feeling of who we are, what we like, and what we wanted for our backyard. Your drawing surprised us with how you had taken that conversation and drawn it into a plan that was so much better than our original vision. Your vision put all our ideas together in an artistic, flowing, and inviting way. We loved it at first sight! The crew that worked on our yard was amazing. We were very impressed! A team of friendly, hard working, professional, courteous workers who were always anxious to please. They took pride in their work and worked to insure that our yard matched the plan. Our completed backyard is an amazing oasis for our senses. The hot tub with its wonderful bar is always inviting. The artistic layout of the landscape and selection of plants treat our eyes. The various fragrances fill our sense of smell. The fire pit entices us to roast hot dogs or marshmallows. And the waterfalls bring that soothing sound that only flowing water can give. Our yard calls to us to come out, relax, and enjoy. Thank you, Scott. It is fantastic and just what we wanted. We are enjoying it every day. You took your plan and made it happen. We couldn’t be happier.

PS: Our neighbors think we have the best yard around and like to show it off to their friends.”

Darrell and Carol Weyrens

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