Our History

1969: Lawn-A-Mat landscape fertilizer service

The Green Scene roots were first established in Los Angeles in 1969 by Robert and Cammie Cohen as a “Lawn-A-Mat” franchise, specializing in tractor delivery of granular landscape fertilizers and tree care.

1972: The Green Scene is born.

New innovations in liquid fertilizer delivery allow the company to grow and service landscapes with a, healthy growth- less pesticides “Green Scene” approach. The Green Scene Inc. is established.

Grandma Flo Cohen is credited for coming up with the clever name; “The Green Scene” and hippie logo.

1973: Scott Cohen, son of Bob and Cammie is only 6 years old when he writes his first advertising copy for The Green Scene company; “The Ugly Lawn” published in Daily News. Scott’s favorite activities include drawing and playing with Lego blocks and erector sets (same favorites today, just heavier blocks).

1974: Scott begins swim lessons with Dad and establishes a fond memory of fun family times around swimming pools.

1983: Dr. Scott’s Custom Landscape Maintenance is born Scott Cohen starts his own gardening maintenance service in the San Fernando Valley.

1984: Scott goes to work for Target Stores as a Nursery Department Manager and learns all there is to know about plants, trees, flowers, and working hard to earn a living.

1986: Scott is promoted by Target Stores to run ALL of the Target Garden Centers in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and becomes the youngest Executive in Dayton-Hudson history. Cohen gains valuable experience in multi-site management, establishing quality standards, and developing top notch personnel.

1989: Scott Cohen joins his father Bob at The Green Scene

Green Scene establishes a new design and build Landscaping and Swimming Pools division and Scott joins to run the design/contracting business. Bob stays on to run fertilizing and chemical care operations.

1991: The Dream Team expands:

Scott and Lisa Cohen wed in Los Angeles, California, growing the family run business model, and today’s dynamic Green Scene management team is established.

1995: TruGreen/Chemlawn buyout of The Green Scene chemical care division.

The Green Scene fertilizing service is sold off to Chemlawn and Scott’s father, Bob retires. Scott and Lisa Cohen maintain ownership of the design and build construction firm and refine focus on only residential high-end pools and landscaping installations.

1996: Green Scene Garden Design Studio is opened on corner of Canoga and Devonshire in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

1997: HGTV – A Star is born:

Scott Cohen films his first HGTV special and wins ” Landscapers Challenge”. Cohen’s popularity on the show prompts TV guest star appearances on 15 years of HGTV, NBC, REELZ, A&E, and Fine Living Network shows.

Click here to see a list of programs featuring Scott Cohen’s work on TV.

2000 Green Scene Reduces Emissions of vehicles by implementing on-site trailers for construction sites. 10 job site trailers are used in lieu of multiple gas-guzzling and oil leaking trucks.

2000-2010 Magazines and Book recognition:

The Green Scene is featured in numerous national magazines and books as word spreads about the innovative design/build work being done at The Green Scene.

2004 Master of Design Award:

Scott Cohen receives first of three “Masters of Design” awards and recognition from the Pool and Spa Industry as design trend leader.

2006 Seminar instructor and Public Speaker:

Cohen is invited to teach at The International Pool and Spa Shows by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

Highly respected for his charismatic speaking style, humor, and creative designs, Cohen is invited back as an annual speaker for the next 14 years and continues to this day.

2006-2009 HGTV Reality Show “Get-Out Way Out” follows Green Scene crews for 3 years.

Weekly airing of fresh “Get-Out, Way-Out” episodes featuring creative, high-end Green Scene projects establishes Scott Cohen as a “Garden Artisan” and household name across the United States.

2010: Scott Cohen becomes an Author:

After being featured in multiple national home-improvement books, Cohen is approached by publishers and agrees to contract for a minimum of 3 home-improvement landscape and swimming pool design books. Success of these initial books prompts publishing of a total of 8 titles now available online.

”Click here to see Cohens books for sale”

2014 Green Scene North Valley Design Center: “Our current home”

Green Scene’s convenient one-stop design center displays hundreds of tile, paver, plaster, and glass finishes. Expertly organized, each of the 8 individual offices serves a distinct customer service function:

Project Manager Office: Oversees scheduling and coordination of current Green Scene projects.

Permit Office: Coordinates engineering, soils reports, and permit process. We take care of all the paperwork so you can relax and enjoy your yard.

Bookkeeping: Timely billing, progress payment processing, scope change invoicing and vendor lien releases assure the home-owner the bills are getting paid.

Office Manager: Oversees the day-to-day operations of the office and human resources managing our staff of 48 full-time employees.

Design Studio: Our in-house landscape and pool designer work station. This is where the magic happens.

Construction Office: Oversees plot map layouts, design 3D visuals, and sales presentations.

Working Drawings & HOA Compliance: Our full time designer coordinates the working drawings, HOA documents, submittals and approvals. We work at this with a full time employee so you don’t have to worry.

Scott Cohen’s Creative Workspace: Cohen’s “Tree House” office is built entirely of reclaimed wood from tree trunks and debris pulled out of backyards 20 years ago. Cohen oversees the design team, construction drawings, planting plans and implementation of every Green Scene project.

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