Turn Your Yard of Shame to a Wall of Fame

Is This Your Backyard…?

…And Could This Be Your Backyard’s Transformation?

In this short video, The Green Scene showcases a stunning backyard transformation that brings the homeowner’s dream to life. Watch as The Green Scene’s outdoor living experts transform a neglected and worn backyard into a luxurious gathering place. The Green Scene identifies this space as a blank canvas full of potential rather than a dumpy, disheveled, and dreary eyesore,

One of the standout features of this backyard makeover is the elegant swimming pool, which serves as the centerpiece of the space. The pool’s sleek design and sparkling water invite relaxation and leisure, making it the perfect spot for family gatherings or a peaceful afternoon swim.

Surrounding the pool, the landscaping is meticulously crafted to complement the natural beauty of the outdoors. Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and strategically placed plants create a serene and picturesque environment that enhances the overall ambiance of the backyard.

In addition to the pool and landscaping, The Green Scene incorporates various other elements to elevate the outdoor experience. A cozy fire pit area provides a warm and inviting space for evening conversations, while a stylish outdoor kitchen and dining area make entertaining a breeze.

Throughout the video, the attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every aspect of the backyard makeover. From the choice of materials to the layout and design, The Green Scene ensures that the final result is not only visually stunning but also functional and sustainable.

As the video concludes, viewers are left with a sense of awe and inspiration, witnessing the transformative power of a well-executed backyard makeover. The Green Scene’s expertise in outdoor design and our ability to turn a simple backyard into an extraordinary outdoor living space is truly showcased in this remarkable video.

Less Is S’More

Check out the transformation of this modern Encino Hills backyard by Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools. This overlooked patio and pool is now a sunny, bright gathering place perfect for friends and family. The contemporary pool, outdoor kitchen, and patio cover create an ultimate entertainment space, while the custom water slide and sheer descent waterfalls add excitement for kids. Adults can enjoy the Baja shelf for lounging and the pool table for socializing. The oversized shade pavilion offers a cool spot for parents to supervise, with built-in bench seating for eight to twelve guests. The evening concludes cozily around the fire pit, where guests gather for fireside treats and storytelling. The Green Scene: everything but marshmallows!

From Disheveled to Multi-Leveled

In this local transformation, Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools used the yard’s existing bones and structure to further integrate the inground swimming pool into the patio and deck. We replaced the dated brick firepit that cleaved the pool from the backdoor sliders with a subtler, brighter, and less obstructive border. We expanded seating in the natural shade poolside and built a softer, more contemporary, and larger firepit there. Replacing the dark brick accents allowed us to add shade without sacrificing brightness. A pergola and bar were installed just behind the poolside firepit to give the space multidimensionality. The brighter, softer colors throughout and the multi-level structure helped to create dramatic and more intuitive sightlines.

Pool Scene and Zen Some

This older home was transformed with a remodel that reimagined the outdoor space. The original pool, deemed too small for laps by the homeowner, was converted into a picturesque pond, teeming with colorful fish and water plants, attracting dragonflies and birds. A new lap pool was strategically placed at the back of the house, offering stunning views from all windows. The outdoor area was further enhanced with super high-end Hestan BBQ equipment set into polished grey cast concrete counters. Additional features include a built-in pool table, a Baja shelf, a tanning ledge, a repurposed Turbo Twister slide by SR Smith, Fujiwa tiles, Hayward pool equipment, and CMP waterfalls. A large outdoor shade structure, painted in two tones, provides a comfortable and stylish area for relaxation and entertainment.

Natural Wonders

This backyard remodel by Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools is a masterpiece of natural beauty and modern luxury. The centerpiece is a stunning freeform pool that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. It features a natural rock waterfall and a grotto for a touch of adventure. The pool is complemented by a raised spa, providing a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoying the scenic views.

The spacious patio area with a custom-built outdoor kitchen features high-end appliances and a bar. A fire pit adds warmth and ambiance, making it an ideal gathering spot for cool evenings.

Lush landscaping surrounds the entire area, with a variety of plants and trees that enhance the natural feel of the space. The use of natural stone and wood materials throughout the design further integrates the outdoor living area with the natural environment, creating a harmonious and inviting retreat.

From Old and Abandoned to a New Gold Standard

Are you tired of gazing out at a garden that’s less glam and more glum? Feeling blue over a pool that’s lost its cool? In the heart of California’s sun-drenched splendor, your backyard should be a personal paradise, not a ditch of despair. Welcome to The Green Scene – where your worn, untidy, and outdated outdoor spaces in Chatsworth, Greater Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley are reimagined into breathtaking luxury landscapes. It’s time to ditch the embarrassment of a backyard that’s more eyesore than eye candy. That outdated pool, the unkempt shrubs, and the faded fixtures – you may see them as a bunch of new entries on your overflowing To-Do-List but we see them as an opportunity for luxury and leisure.

The Green Scene: Crafting California Dreams into Reality

Our expertise isn’t just about crafting pools; it’s about creating holistic outdoor experiences. Your yard is the marble and we are the sculptors, working closely with you to make that marble a marvel as dynamic as you are.

Ready to Redefine Your Outdoors?

It’s time to turn the page, to say farewell to the faded and hello to the haute. Contact The Green Scene today and embark on a journey to transform your backyard from forgotten to unforgettable. Your luxury pool remodel and dream landscape are just a call away. Welcome to the brighter side of backyard living. Welcome to The Green Scene.

Embrace the luxury and elegance that awaits with The Green Scene. Your dream backyard, a blend of artistic design and top-notch craftsmanship, is just a call away. Let us transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise that reflects your style and sophistication. Join us in reimagining the potential of your backyard, and experience the joy of luxury outdoor living with The Green Scene.

It’s Not a Long Leap from Drab to Fab!

At The Green Scene, we believe your backyard should be a reflection of your personal style and sophistication. Say goodbye to the drab, the dull, and the dreary. Embrace a world where luxury pool remodels and lush landscapes set the stage for your home’s transformation. It’s not just about making changes; it’s about elevating your lifestyle.

With years of experience under our belt, we’re more than just contractors; we’re visionary creators. We’re committed to excellence, from the initial design to the final touches. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that your high-end pool remodel and landscape redesign exceed your wildest dreams.

Don’t let another day pass in a backyard that’s below par. You deserve a slice of luxury, a personal haven crafted with care and creativity. In California’s lush settings, from Chatsworth to the wider reaches of Los Angeles, your dream backyard awaits.

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