Plan This Summer’s Staycation in Your Own Backyard!

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The Green Scene

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If your big Summer 2020 family vacation to Maui was cancelled this year, don’t worry! There’s hope yet that you can still make a getaway, so don’t pack up your Tommy Bahama shirts just yet. We’ll help you escape into your own backyard this summer instead. We have some tips for how you can make your family staycation just as memorable as any family trip.

Escape to Your Own Backyard
If you were planning on going snorkeling in the turquoise waters of Hawaii, think about investing in a pool for your backyard instead! There will be a lot less poisonous man-of-wars in your backyard pool, so it’s also a much safer bet. Incorporate unique water features that make you feel like you are at a far away exotic resort-such as a built in table in your pool or hot tub, or a peaceful waterfall feature. Create a space in your backyard that is truly special that your family can enjoy for years to come.

Make Room for Outdoor Activities
Surfing might be off that table for your staycation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other fun outdoor activities into your backyard design. Try redoing unused space to make room for a ping pong table set over decomposed granite, or measure out an area for a bocce ball court or corn hole. Or if you’re a family of avid chess players, maybe even build out an oversized chess board for hours of backyard entertainment.

Avoid the Poi
Digging a hole big enough to roast a pig in your backyard might be a bit on the complicated side. Be your own pit king or queen and design the backyard kitchen of your dreams. We can help you choose the right grill for your kitchen design to make sure your BBQ pulled pork and pineapple burgers come out as juicy as ever. Check out some of our custom kitchen build out projects here for some inspiration. No reservations needed to dine in your own five star outdoor kitchen and dining area!

We are offering free 3D virtual design consultations to make your staycation dreams become a reality. If you’ve been dreaming about starting your backyard design project, now is the time to act. Invest in your backyard so that your family will have years of reliable entertainment and fun to come. With our guidance and expertise in designing and building the perfect staycation backyard, you and your family will be dancing the hula before you know it.

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