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Contemporary pool design with waterfall feature and perimeter overflow spa
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If your pool has seen better days – whether you built it a long time ago or you bought a house with an old pool you don’t like – it’s probably time for a remodel. Remodeling your pool is the perfect opportunity to get the pool of your dreams, and The Green Scene can deliver. We are experts at giving tired-looking pools an extreme makeover, from the design phase to that first exciting jump in the pool. Here are some things to consider before remodeling your pool (and some design ideas to add to your dream pool wish list!)

What Are the Design Challenges for Your Pool?

When you need an overall cosmetic update, The Green Scene talent pool always takes into account design challenges and comes up with the right solutions. When asked to remodel a swimming pool, Garden Artisan Scott Cohen and his team will come up with a plan to improve or replace your existing pool, giving you a swimming pool that is not only stunning but also suitable for your yard. Whether the current design is outdated, or the layout isn’t practical, or the current design just ‘doesn’t flow,’ Scott and the talented Green Scene Team will overcome these issues with a brand new, modern design so you can truly enjoy your pool. We will help you to address these challenges and come up with a solution that is right for you during our design consultation.

What is Something You Wish Your Pool Had Now?

Do you ever ask Alexa to play waterfall sounds while sitting in your pool? Give your home AI one less thing to do and put in an actual living waterfall. Or maybe your kids begged you for a water slide, but at the time they were too young and you were worried that you would have to constantly be lifeguarding. There is always a solution that makes everyone happy! So think outside the box and don’t limit yourself when it comes to your remodel wish list. It can be anything: a vanishing edge pool, a built-in spa with hydrotherapy jets, a Ledge Lounge area, even a chess table in the pool. So don’t hold back when creating your dream pool wishlist and sharing it with us. We take your ideas and transform them into workable design plans that manifest into reality.

Need Some Wish List Inspiration? Check Out These Ideas!

Garden Artisan Scott Cohen compiled these top trends in pool design that you should consider when upgrading your old pool or even building a new pool from scratch:

Contemporary pool design with baja shelves and a view of the city

Baja Shelves

If your favorite thing to do is sit by the pool side soaking up the sun, a Baja Shelf is just what you’re looking for. You can relax in your pool’s water while still lounging under the sun. Or add a large umbrella to create the perfect cooling oasis in your pool. Adding Ledge Loungers really completes the private resort vibe in your own backyard, it’s definitely worth adding to your dream pool wishlist.

Fire features by a vanishing edge swimming pool in the sunset

Fire and Water Features

Add dramatic effect to your pool with water and fire features. Waterfalls provide a soothing, calming atmosphere, perfect for escaping daily stress, while fire bowls cast a warm glow, inviting you to enjoy your pool well into the night.

Small contemporary swimming pool with an in-pool chess table and fire pit and outdoor kitchen

In-Pool Tables

Is your current backyard preventing you from hosting as much as you’d like? Take your pool party to a whole new level with an in-pool table. Enjoy a charcuterie snack while still staying cool in the water, or host a chess tournament with the neighborhood. Whatever your fancy, this feature is a one-of a kind way to bring more entertainment to your backyard!

A perimeter overflow spa by a swimming pool and a water fountain feature

Perimeter Overflow Spas

If having a built-in spa is on your dream pool wishlist, make a scene with a built-in perimeter overflow. Artistic and elegant, perimeter overflow spas have a similar effect that vanishing edge pools have, inviting all to sit and enjoy the water.

Vanishing edge pool with a view of the surrounding landscape

Vanishing Edge Pool

Talk about an upgrade for your pool remodel! Vanishing edge pools are stunning and dramatic, yet soothing and calming at the same time. You won’t just want to swim in your pool, you will want to sit by it, stare at it and hold it’s hand all day long.

Contemporary design pool and spa with fire features and patio area

Contemporary Design

If you really want to bring your old pool up to date, why not remodel with a more contemporary design in mind? Contemporary pool design is experiencing a surge in popularity, and is proving to be an enduring favorite. Clean lines create balance and harmony between defined spaces. Our “less is more” approach easily transforms your backyard into a brand new space. These designs also make the most out of a backyard with limited space, leaving it simple and uncluttered.

We Are Your Pool Remodel Resource!

Here at The Green Scene, we are passionate about thinking way outside of the box when it comes to designing luxury swimming pools. So if you have an idea of something you’d like to add to your remodeled pool, let us know! There’s always a possibility that we can incorporate it into your pool’s remodel design.

If you’re ready for The Green Scene Team to remodel your pool, contact us today! We’d love to design and build the luxuriant pool and backyard you’ve been dreaming of.

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