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DIVE IN (excerpt)
By Stacey Enesey Klemenc

One of the big trends right now is converting to saltwater. Although it can be great for the body and save money (salt is less expensive than chlorine), Scott Cohen of Green Scene Landscaping and Pools says he generally prefers ozonator or traditional chlorine-dependent systems.

“I have come across many pools where the concrete, coping, stone and brick work have been severely damaged from continuous exposure to saltwater. In waterfalls, in areas where bathers enter and exit the pool regularly, or any portion of the hardscape that gets wet and then dry, the saltwater leaves behind minerals in the hardscape materials. Over time those minerals grow (remember Moon Rocks?) and can damage or prematurely dissolve the hardscape around a pool.”

Another drawback can be increased maintenance. With saltwater, the salt cell generator needs to be cleaned every couple of months; it must be calcium-free. And that can mean extra changes on your bill. Some pool service companies charge as much as $65 per generator cleaning.

Scott recommends consulting with a licensed pool contractor or certified pool service technician to discuss water purification options and the pros and cons.

“New technology is becoming available to pool owners to reduce chlorine and improve the swimming experience. I was teaching design seminars last month at the International Pool and Spa show and met vendors that are now promoting the use of sphagnum moss to reduce chemical use.”

For homeowners who are bored of their general pool vibe or area, Scott says there are easy ways to add interest and currency. ”Add a Baja shelf, basically a larger second step into the pool that is big enough to put lounge chairs on. I also love the combination of fire and water and often add these elements to my pool remodel designs.”

Scott Cohen is a garden designer, author, and licensed contractor in landscape, pool and general construction whose award-winning work has been frequently showcased on HGTV and in numerous books and national magazines. A charismatic and entertaining speaker, Cohen is also the author of 10 design and construction books, including the award-winning Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook, Poolscapes, The Candid Contractor, The Big Book of BBQ Plans, and Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits.

A 3-time Masters of Design Award winner, Scott has been featured on several Home and Garden Television shows such as Cool Pools and Get Out, Way Out! He also serves as a member of the California Contractors Board Industry Expert Program, as a construction defect expert witness, and continues to lobby for ethical Workers’ Compensation practices in the construction industry.

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