Valentine Romance in the Garden

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Nothing is quite as romantic as a quiet evening with the one you love. This year especially, many people will forgo elaborate plans and expensive dinners out. Instead, they’ll opt for a romantic night at home. Maybe you’re a pro at planning the perfect night out, but aren’t sure where to start for a romantic night in. Go ahead and start with the usual flowers and chocolate, then use these five tips to create an at-home Valentine date night in your own backyard.

Set the Scene

Ambiance is everything. Set the mood for your evening by engaging your senses. 

Do you have plants that give off a beautiful fragrance year-round? Arrange to serve dinner or have cocktail hour surrounded by fragrant landscaping. No candle can compete with a natural scented setting provided by rosemary, lavender or jasmine.

A dozen roses are sweet, but what about flowers that will bloom all year long? Some of our favorite flowers for cutting include:

  • Alstromeria or tiger lilies
  • Sea Lavender (or statice) grown in a variety of colors
  • Mister Lincoln red roses 
  • Alyssum to complete your floral arrangement with white, fluffy tufts 


Cast a romantic glow on the space with outdoor lighting. Whether it’s lights in the pool or spa or bistro lights hung over a seating area, the perfect lighting will add to the magic of the evening. 

Don’t forget about the sounds of the night. Water features such as fountains or waterfalls provide a soothing background for your date night. You may even forget that you’re in your own backyard and not nestled by picturesque waterfalls. 

Cook a Romantic Dinner in Your Outdoor Kitchen

No Valentine’s Day date would be complete without a delicious meal. There’s no need for dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant this year. Turn your outdoor kitchen into a five star restaurant. Create a menu with an all-grill theme so that the entire meal can be prepared without ever leaving your perfectly staged romantic setting. 

The best part is that your special someone can sit around the prep area, enjoy a glass of wine and chat while you show off your culinary skills. 

Moonlight Dip 

Create the feel of a romantic getaway with a starlit dip in the pool. Better yet, turn up the heat with time in the spa. Don’t forget to enhance the mood with pool or spa lighting as well water fountains and waterfalls. BTW, there is room for two in one of our signature “Deep Well” spas that add 8 pulsating jets all up and down your body. 

Outdoor Movie Theater

Movie theater isn’t an option? No problem! Turn your outdoor living area into your own personal theater experience. 

Plan ahead and gather cozy blankets, snacks or a nice bottle of wine to have on hand. Next, get the outdoor fireplace going and settle in for a fun night watching your favorite romantic movie. You’ll love having your own private viewing so much that you may never want to sit in a theater again! 

S’more Fun Around the Fire Pit

A little cool outside? Grab the ingredients for your favorite version of s’mores and gather around the fire pit. You can create variations of the classic treat while you heat things up by the light of the fire.

Don’t stop there! Use these ideas as a launch point to create a memorable at-home Valentine’s Day with the one you love. It may even change the way you do date nights from now on. 


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