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backyard design trend of multiple spaces for entertaining
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Nobody wants yesterday’s backyard trends in their tomorrow’s backyards. That’s why The Green Scene Swimming Pools & Landscaping continually updates our designs, features, and materials, so our clients get the backyard of tomorrow—today. We’ve assembled some of the top trends in backyard design so that your final project is ready for a host of incredible tomorrows! We design intentionally to create the types of designs other people will want to replicate. And as a result, you’ll become a trendsetter.

A Digital Walkthrough of the Project Before Work Begins

What if … there isn’t enough room in your new outdoor kitchen for your creative culinary juices to flow? Or … you can’t get your family and all your BFFs in the pool at the same time? Will there be enough room for milling about enjoying cocktails while your grill master puts the finishing touches on that beef brisket? No worries! We create a 3D video rendering of your project before construction begins, so we can work out all the potential kinks together. That way you’re 100% satisfied with the end result, right from the beginning.

Multiple Areas for Enjoying Different Backyard Activities

Single-purpose backyards are so yesterday. Today’s backyards offer multiple activity areas, so different family members can enjoy the same backyard. Think in terms of “outdoor rooms” where each room offers the ideal space for enjoying separate activities, even when family members aren’t doing the same things at the same time! Consider a contemporary pool plus an outdoor kitchen, of course, but also think about adding a hot tub, fire features, outdoor showers, tennis court, sport court, bocce ball court, or more! These are fantastic for couples who like to stay in shape, as well as parents of teens and preteens. You can lounge in the pool and pretend you aren’t even keeping an eye on the young suitor who’s overplaying badminton with your daughter. Everyone can enjoy their own favorite zone, but you’ll all still be together enjoying family time.

Completely Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are no longer just a grill and small countertop. Today’s outdoor kitchens are as functional and versatile as indoor kitchens. The beauty of a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is that you’re not running back and forth between the house and the grill. And, oops! Burn the burgers. Additionally, your indoor kitchen remains clean and pristine, ready for company (or company to leave), even if you serve the works. Along with an extra-large smoker-grill, fridge, ample counter space, and storage with cabinets galore. Cook to your heart’s content without dirtying a single corner of the indoor kitchen. Consider special cast concrete countertops embellished with recycled glass and customized with built-in LED lighting.

fire and water features with a contemporary pool
Fire and water features balanced together with a contemporary pool are one of the hottest, coolest backyard design trends.

Fire & Water Effects

The stunning effect of fire and water is both exhilarating and soothing. Fire pits, fire bowls, and outdoor fireplaces are becoming standard poolside spectacles. Not only is this visually stimulating, but it also allows you to entertain both day and night, at any time of the year. You can incorporate this into a multi-zone backyard by adding a seating area around the fire source, overlooking the pool. This provides a gathering space for small talk while others splash in the pool, becoming a cozy attraction even when the pool isn’t in use.


The Green Scene Swimming Pools & Landscaping can design the perfect backyard, and you can sign off with complete confidence when you see your 3D video rendering of your planned project. Reserve your designer today!

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