The Green Scene Guide to Designing a Custom Pool

The Green Scene Guide to Designing a Custom Pool
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As the famous song by Freak Nasty goes, “When I dip, you dip, we dip.” At The Green Scene Landscaping, we are here to ask you, “Are you ready to dip… into your custom pool?” Let the splishing and splashing commence! A custom swimming pool is one of the best ways to have fun, relax, and spend time with your loved ones. And you can do it all right in your own backyard oasis. The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools is the leading custom pool builder for Northwest Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our team can help you create the perfect swimming pool and transform your backyard into a destination. So, here is the Green Scene Guide to Designing a Custom Pool. Let’s get ready to dip!

Why Choose The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools?

The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools has been in business for over 50 years. Today, we are the premier choice for designing and building high-quality custom pools for Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, West Hills, and beyond. 

The expertise and experience at The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools team of amazing designers and builders is unmatched. You might say the talent pool is just that talented! With a design team this amazing, your custom pool can’t help but be just what you dreamed of and more.

Water You Doing? Getting Started with The Green Scene

Are you ready for complete backyard bliss? The Green Scene Team is ready to make your backyard dreams come true. When you decide to work with The Green Scene, you’ll meet with our talented designers.

Together, you will create a vision for your custom pool and backyard, all while staying at the forefront of top trends. You will need to make decisions about pool style, shape, features, and other details. But don’t let the planning stage stress you out! Let our team handle the hard work. You will just add water when the time comes.

Once you and the design team have created a custom pool plan, you will get to see a 3D rendering of your backyard, like this one here:

Using advanced Oculus® virtual reality, you will be able to take a virtual stroll through your transformed backyard! How amazing to see your backyard just as you dreamed and designed! From there we will make any edits and get started with building! Check out some of our past projects for inspiration. 

Pool Side is My Best Side: Custom Pool Design Options

When it comes to customizing your swimming pool, the options are truly unlimited! If you can dream it up, our team will help you make it a reality. How amazing is swimming up to a bar with in-water seating? What about floating through archways and overhangs, perfect for escaping direct sunlight? Or slipping down a slide that just won’t quit? Designing your custom pool is lots of fun!

As you design your pool, consider, what is my pool style? Are you wanting a contemporary look with clean lines and inspiring features? Maybe you prefer a resort flair complete with cascading waterfalls, hidden nooks, and luscious landscaping. Another option is the freeform scene. It creates a natural, relaxed atmosphere for all your swimming needs.

No matter what your pool style is, we can help you design just what you desire.

Seas The Day: When to Build Your Custom Pool

contemporary custom pool design
Speak with The Green Scene team to find out when it’s the best time to build your custom pool.

Looking for the best time of year to build your custom pool? The short answer is, now is the best time! By starting your pool build now, you are that much closer to sitting poolside, enjoying the sunshine and water. With the great year-round temperatures in the San Fernando Valley, swimming any time of year is an option. 

However, the best time of year to build a pool is typically in the cooler months. This is due to typically less busy schedules, and faster build times. When you call to schedule your design consultation, ask our team what the best time of year is to build. We’ll give you a realistic timeline of when we can get the job done!

A Splashing Good Time: Customizing Your Pool

contemporary custom pool with a baja shelf
Adding features to your custom pool like a Baja shelf creates a space for ultimate relaxation.

You want your custom pool to be unique, breathtaking, useful, and perfect for your backyard. First, it should be unique and breathtaking. Dream up a grand plan for your pool’s shape, in-water and out-of-water features, the surrounding areas, and more. Work with our design team to help get your ideas on paper and make a cohesive plan. Check out these pool design trends for more inspiration.  

Next you want your pool to be useful. How you plan to use your pool is important to consider as you design it. Will you primarily use your pool for exercise? If so, we should make at least one side long enough for lap swimming. Do you plan to mostly relax by the pool and enjoy the occasional dip in the water? Then we should definitely add a Baja shelf and perhaps a waterfall or other in-pool seating options. 

Deep Dive: Financial Planning for Your Custom Pool

The beauty of a custom-made pool is you can control every aspect, including the cost. Make your purchase increase or decrease with each decision. As you design your custom pool with our team of experts, they will help you sort through these details and edit as you’d like. 

There are many things that can make the cost fluctuate from type and number of features, size of your pool, materials you choose, landscaping, and the surrounding area. The Green Scene also offers financing through HFS Financial, the trusted industry leader for financing backyard renovations. Learn more about our swimming pool financing options

It’s a Waterfall Life

The Green Scene’s talented pool of expert designers can help you create the backyard of your dreams. If you have questions or are ready to start planning your dream custom space, reach out to us.

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