Setting the Scene with Outdoor Sound

Outdoor kitchen with wine bottle wall, lighting, and outdoor sound speakers in the ceiling
The Green Scene
The Green Scene

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Outdoor sound systems are the unsung heroes of backyard design. Often underutilized, many people settle for a small portable audio system they have to pack around. However, those little players just don’t provide the same perks or performance as a quality outdoor sound system. Here are some ways an outdoor sound system will enhance your backyard space and experiences.

Speaker Set Up

Setting up two speakers by the back door is a mistake because either the people sitting closest to them can’t talk over them, or people in other parts of your outdoor rooms can’t hear them.

Instead, create a more relaxing ambient sound throughout your backyard by spreading your speakers out in multiple places. This allows the music to travel equally throughout your outdoor areas. You can easily control various volume levels for different outdoor rooms with today’s innovative sound systems.

Outdoor kitchen with wine bottle wall, lighting, and outdoor sound speakers in the ceiling
Can you see the outdoor sound speakers? They are cleverly blended into the ceiling of this outdoor kitchen.

Covered Patio or Pavilion

One outdoor room to incorporate a sound system into is your covered patio or pavilion. Place speakers in each top corner or in the ceiling so you and your guests can be surrounded by ambient background music. 

By the Pool or Spa

If your speakers are all the way by the house, it can be hard to hear party music playing in the pool or spa areas. You either have to play it extra loud just to hear it or opt for no music at all. Having speakers closer to your pool and spa will keep the music in earshot. Just make sure these speakers are a safe distance from splashing and are waterproof.

Outdoor Kitchen

If it’s in a separate space from your patio, you’ll probably want to add some speakers to your outdoor kitchen, as well. Listen to recipes, your favorite sports radio, or blast some top 40 while you grill dinner.


Placing speakers throughout your landscaping allows the sound to follow you where you go, no matter where you are in your backyard. There are even outdoor speakers designed to look like rocks! If there is a tranquil section of yard you’ve set aside for relaxing, meditation, or yoga, speakers incorporated into landscaping can play some soothing sound therapy in the background.

The Best Outdoor Sound System to Use

We recommend using a variety of ground speakers, patio speakers, and sub-woofers to enhance the outdoor experience. We work with a variety of outdoor sound systems in order to find the best sound for our clients.  Our designers will work with you to design the best sounding system for your space.

Awesome Ways to Use Your Sound System Outside

Backyard with pool with LED outdoor lighting and kitchen under pergola
You know what would make this Party Scene even better? If the outdoor lighting danced to the beat of music playing.

There are multiple ways to use your outdoor sound system to set the scene, like:

Turn up the volume on your pool party by streaming music while swimming in the pool or soaking in the spa.

If you’re ultra-techy, you can connect your sound system to your landscape lighting to make the lights pulse and sway to the beat of the music playing.

Catch up on your TBR summer reading list while catching some rays by listening to an audiobook as you lounge poolside. (But maybe save Fifty Shades of Gray for your headphones.)

Can’t make it to the big game? Listen to game highlights as you grill your favorite game food like hot dogs and burgers.

More of a true crime enthusiast? Tune into your favorite serial killer podcast. It may make your guests suspicious of the types of steaks you’re grilling, though.

Create an outdoor theater complete with surround sound. A large screen TV works, but a projector and drop-down screen with surround sound can really amp up the theater experience — perfect for family movie night or at-home date night.

Host an epic karaoke party in your backyard. (Much to the delight of your neighbors, we’re sure.)

Listen to some tunes while you do yard work. No one will judge you if you decide to pretend your rake is a microphone. It’s the next best thing to karaoke, anyway. 


These are just some of the many ways to set the scene with outdoor sound in your backyard. Check out our books and videos or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more ideas and inspiration for your backyard’s design.

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