Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen,
Garden Artisan / President

Scott is an acclaimed landscape designer, author, and licensed contractor in landscape, pool and general construction whose award-winning work has been frequently showcased on HGTV and in numerous books and national magazines. Cohen is known for his spectacular gardens that combine the best of outdoor living with inspired artistic touches. A charismatic and entertaining speaker, Cohen is also the author of 10 design and construction books, including the award-winning Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook, Poolscapes, The Candid Contractor, and Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits.

A 3-time Masters of Design Award winner, Scott has been featured on several Home and Garden Television shows such as “Cool Pools” and “Get Out, Way Out!” He also provides construction defect expert witness services, and continues to lobby for ethical Workers’ Compensation practices in the construction industry.

Some of Cohen’s past designs are featured in his books, and are available for purchase from Scott also frequently provides services as an Expert Witness in the swimming pool and landscape design and construction industries.