Homeowner Testimonial


Dear Scott,

When you first came to our home, we stood at the picture windows in our living and dining areas. I mentioned that no one had ever said, “What a beautiful yard you have!” You told me you could correct that, and you certainly did! Everyone who now walks into our home is drawn to those windows and captivated by what they see. Our yard is beautiful.

Tom and I were amazed by your attention to detail. You started with an exquisite design and continued with a flawless installation. You created a captivating and unique reverse infinity pool, an inviting spa, a charming fountain, imaginative outdoor lighting, and a barbecue center for people to congregate around. The tile and stone applications make our project unique. We appreciated the fact that the products used for the pool, lighting fixtures, and barbecue were all top of the line.

Your entire staff was dedicated, talented, hardworking, and committed to quality. Vanessa and Ramon kept everything running smoothly. Ramon also had a wonderful eye for color and design. Mary created aromatic and elegant plantings. James was wonderful, doing everything on time and doing the final wrap-up.

Please thank everyone for their outstanding effort.

Bobbie and Tom Glassman

Scott Cohen says

“This Woodland Hills swimming pool was originally oversized for the client’s needs. It was the focal point of the yard, but unimpressive. The homeowner told me “nobody ever says my yard is beautiful; I want you to fix that”. My solution was to create a reverse infinity edge swimming pool and raise the water level to maximize reflections. Copper scuppers were added to the new cast concrete coping to make 6 new spillways. An old palm planter was converted to a large fountain complete with fiber-optic up-lights.”


Western Pool & Spa Show 30th Annual Design Contest: GOLD AWARD, Best Design Remodeled Swimming Pool