Discover “Life in the Lap Lane,” an award-winning pool and landscape project meticulously crafted by The Green Scene team. Nestled in the heart of Woodland Hills, this backyard renovation is the epitome of luxury, relaxation, and outdoor entertainment. Designed and built entirely by our skilled professionals, this project was created to cater to a family’s passion for play, exercise, and lap swimming, making it a true oasis of joy and rejuvenation.

Key Features

  1. Premium Materials. The foundation of “Life in the Lap Lane” is laid with high-end, large profile, Travertine pavers that exude elegance and durability. The pool’s coping is crafted from Freska white limestone, beautifully offsetting the Travertine and serving as a stunning frame for the pool itself.
  2. Space Maximization. Green Scene’s innovative design philosophy shines through in this project. By utilizing the raised bond beam of the pool, we cleverly cut into the slope of the yard, creating an illusion of spaciousness that defies the actual dimensions of the space.
  3. Custom Water Features. The crowning jewel of this backyard paradise is the custom-designed scupper waterfalls integrated into the raised wall, thoughtfully placed at different levels. Not only do these water features add visual charm, but they also create a soothing soundscape, enhancing the overall ambiance.
  4. Vortex Fountain. The side yard patio seating area boasts a mesmerizing “Vortex” fountain, a Green Scene original creation. Illuminated with color-changing lights, this fountain provides a captivating sensory experience, with swirling waters that enchant and captivate all who gather around it.
  5. Outdoor Culinary Haven. The outdoor kitchen is a masterpiece in itself, featuring cast concrete counters. What sets it apart is the distinctive bar countertop embedded with abalone shell, polished to a sparkling finish that shimmers with an array of colors. This space invites culinary adventures and social gatherings.
  6. Shade and Comfort. At the rear of the house, a wooden shade cover has been thoughtfully incorporated, offering respite from the scorching summer sun. This addition creates an outdoor room feel, making it the perfect spot for relaxation and conversation.


We are proud to announce that “Life in the Lap Lane” has received the esteemed honor of being selected by Pebble Technology International to be featured in their prestigious book, “World’s Greatest Pools!” This recognition is a testament to the exceptional quality and design innovation that Green Scene consistently delivers.

At Green Scene, we believe in transforming dreams into reality, and “Life in the Lap Lane” stands as a shining example of our commitment to excellence in pool and landscape design. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary project that embodies the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and serenity. Experience the allure of “Life in the Lap Lane” – where every day feels like a vacation, and where family memories are eternally cherished.

Homeowner Testimonial


We are Green Scene clients for life. And we know Green Scene will always be here for us. If we could give a 6 star review, we would. Green Scene did a tremendous job creating a backyard oasis for us. To be honest, better than we ever expected. My wife and I decided we were going to undertake a pool/backyard/front yard renovation in 2020 – yes, in the middle of a global pandemic. It was a dream to completely renovate our backyard for many years but it never seemed like the right time, so we decided to start it at arguably one of the most difficult times. Why not just jump straight into the deep end? We interviewed multiple contractors over the span of a year, reviewed proposed designs from each contractor, and there was no contest. Scott Cohen’s design and vision for our property was eye opening and incredibly exciting. We started in mid 2021 and had our finished project by March 2022. Amid pandemic induced supply shortages, Covid closures, permit delays because of Covid, stay at home orders etc., Green Scene managed to handle everything with skill, efficiency, smart management, and also some heart. The office knew this project was important to us and provided the human touch of reaching out during this time and making sure we knew what was going on every step of the way. Scott is creative, decisive, and his unique design made use of every inch of our backyard in a way that feels super custom, practical, and truly beautiful. He knows the pool business and we were correct in putting our trust in him. We have been told by so many friends who have seen our completed project that they cannot believe how much bigger our property looks (without moving a single retaining wall). Shawn was our project supervisor and always responded to issues as they arose (and issues always arise on any project). He was customer oriented, always listened to our opinions, and made sure our needs were met. Randy knows everything about plants and met us at nurseries to help us select landscaping. Delfino and his team were immaculate in how they handled our landscaping project – working extremely hard on weekends when necessary. Willie and his team were detail oriented and made sure that the hardscape and bbq area were done well and on time. Every subcontractor was also timely with expert workmanship who respected our property and the job site. That is not easy to say considering how many horror stories we heard from friends and their construction nightmares. And Angel and Janet in the front office sent us weekly emails letting us know what to expect for the week, responded to every email and text (and we sent MANY) and made us feel that we were always seen and taken care of. In the end, we have a backyard and a pool specifically geared to our needs – a 51 foot lap lane, large area in the pool to play games and hang out, a bar table in the pool with a built in umbrella hole, large spa, in-pool bench seating enough to throw a major pool party (as our kids have reminded us many times), two fire pits, multiple sitting areas, a built in bench, an outdoor kitchen, a beautiful water feature near an outdoor living room, perfect evening lighting inside and outside the pool, and a large dining area under a beautiful trellis, where we have already had many lazy al fresco summer dinners with friends and family against the perfect backdrop. There is no doubt in our mind that this project will bring our family closer and has already made a huge difference in our quality of life. As long as you set a realistic budget, keeping a cushion for furniture, lighting, pool man and equipment and unknowns that may arise, Green Scene will work with you to stay within that budget. It is worth every penny.

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