This Thousand Oaks Hacienda Spanish style property is home to a fabulous Vegan chef and wine aficionado.

The bbq counter and barrel table were constructed using recycled wine bottle glass, and melted wine bottles lit with fiber-optic cables and polished to a smooth as glass finish. Our supervising designer, Scott Cohen picked up empty wine bottled from the client and melted them in his home ceramic/glass studio to create a one of a kind barrel table at the BBQ.

Side yards are so often forgotten, but this one includes a cantilevered deck over a pond and waterfall. The deck is a low maintenance faux wood stamped concrete.

In keeping with the “foodie” theme, nearly all the plantings in this yard are edible. Juju berries, Dragonfruit, Citrus, Plum, Pear, Apple and an abundance of veggie garden space.


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