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We were happy to make the decision to hire Green Scene Landscape to build my landscape in my new house in Westcliffe, Porter Ranch. It was a hard to pick up a proper builder among so many choices in Los Angeles area. I made my decision on the facts as following:

Mr. Scott Cohen, the owner of the company, is the pivotal factor.  His reputation as builder, his experiences as California Manager of Garden Supply in Target, his continuing pursuing for the artist effects of landscape, his effort to improve the construction quality by offering expert witness testimony, his movie star-like TV show in garden design, his many publications about the garden and plants …

The Green Scene Landscape is a well-organized company. I visited their Design center in West Hill and found a very well-organized business. The impressive designs, the detail construction progress charts, the high-quality construction material samples, and the professional staff. 

My wife and I fell in love with the design right away when we saw the 3D image demonstration.  The perfect matching of the landscape with our house, neighbors, the street and shape of the yard itself in material, colors, balance, decoration, and plants… But there is a problem, the money. The cost is way higher than want we planned. Then next, with Mr. Cohen’s help, we tried to take off or replace some parts of the design. We tried very hard, but at last, nothing was taken away from the design because it wouldn’t be perfect without any part in the original design. Yes my friend, we have to learn to say no to ourself if want to save money sometimes. We kept the original design.

The construction has a systematic approach with quality finish. The construction crew is led by a foreman but also overseen by supervisor, manager, and Mr.  Cohen himself. The Green Scene paid great attention to detail, from corner to corner, from edge to edges, while working on the pavers, backsplash and countertops of the kitchen, flowers and plants. The extra expenses from upgraded and redo work was covered by Green Scene Landscape.  They were pursing perfect work over profit. The office staff was always available to help and answer all questions.

The only thing that may be considered as weakness is the turnround time of the construction. It took 9 months from design to finished project, with five months of paper work with HOA and City permitting and four months of construction. If you need a quick move-in service you may need to talk with Mr. Cohen in the first place

I will continue to work with Green Scene Landscape for my next project and I also highly recommend you to hire them too!

A Culinary Oasis in Porter Ranch

Welcome to our latest high-end design in the prestigious Westcliffe Toll Brothers development in Porter Ranch, “Good Looking Outdoor Cooking.” This project is a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality designed to cater to the discerning tastes of homeowners who cherish outdoor living and culinary artistry.

Project Overview: Our journey began with an ambition to transform a classic front entrance into a welcoming prelude to the home’s finely appointed outdoor spaces. The entrance now boasts an upgraded landscape, seamlessly integrating with the home’s architecture.

Landscape and Hardscape: The heart of this transformation lies in the delicate balance between the softscape and hardscape elements. We meticulously selected plantings that complement the natural beauty of Porter Ranch and can handle the high winds and lousy clay soils. Our custom-designed hardscape provides both aesthetic appeal and functional outdoor spaces. We matched the home’s original materials so that the garden looked like it was always part of the original house plan.

Contemporary Garden Fountain: Adding to the tranquility on this view lot, a contemporary garden fountain stands as a centerpiece in the landscape. Its gentle murmurs create a soothing ambiance, perfect for relaxing afternoons or evening gatherings.

The Star – Outdoor Kitchen: But the true star of this project is the remarkable outdoor kitchen, tailored specifically for the lady of the house, a passionate outdoor cooking enthusiast. The highlight is a tailor-made cast-in-place concrete countertop, meticulously hand-seeded with abalone shells. This unique feature, polished with granite finishing tools, is not only smooth as glass to the touch but also dazzlingly reflects sunlight, much like the inside of an abalone shell. This countertop doesn’t just serve as a functional area for outdoor cooking; it’s a conversation starter and a piece of art, embodying the spirit of luxury outdoor living.

Client’s Accolade: Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail has earned us a heartfelt 5-star review from our clients on Yelp and Google. Their satisfaction stands as a testament to our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding client expectations.

“Good Looking Outdoor Cooking” is more than just a project; it’s a lifestyle enhancement. It’s a space where culinary passion meets the beauty of outdoor living and Alfresco dining. At The Green Scene, we don’t just design landscapes; we craft experiences. Visit this Porter Ranch gem to see how we can turn your outdoor space into your personal retreat.

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