Homeowner Testimonial


Dear Scott

We have gone from nothing but dirt to a creative, beautifully landscaped home. We must thank you for your amazing crew led by your terrific foreman Ramon. At no time were any of the men on this crew anything but kind, professional, and eager to please. They always took great pride in their work, determined to get it right and give us what we wanted. As a team, they always worked well together, were polite and respectful, and got along like best friends. I was really impressed by this. Ramon, James, George and their crew placed every plant right down to the inch and angle of where we wanted them. Their patience and care to every detail was, without exaggeration, outstanding.

We also want to thank Vanessa for being the keeper of the schedule and dealing with all concerns in a professional manner at all times.

Your creative talent for taking what is in the customer’s head and making it a reality is terrific. Each one of your landscape designs is unique, so no matter how many homes you have done in an area, they are all special.

Thank you for making our home one of them.

Steve and Linda

We designed and built this award winning project in The Oaks of Calabasas for a family that wanted to feel that they were on a vacation in the mountains when they were in their backyard. Their “staycation” backyard features a natural stone fire pit, spa, freeform swimming pool, and waterfall. Their backyard now looks like a mountain resort, complete with deer grazing on the hill. Multi level waterfall splits into several spillways as it cascades toward the swimming pool. A cast concrete bridge stamped to look like wood planks crosses over lap pool. Cohen’s landscape design include colorful planting pockets to soften hardscaped areas. The soothing sound of water enhances the front yard landscaping with dual runnels, which are channeled water features that empty into fountain basins.


Creative Decking & Landscaping at the Western Pool & Spa Design Contest.


Living magazine, Concrete Decor, and Total Landscape Care