Infinity Edge Scene

The possibilities for customizing your project are limitless…

Infinity Edge are also known as “Negative edge” or “Vanishing Edge” an Infinity Edge offers the illusion that the pool (or spa) water is pouring over the edge of the pool into another body of water (such as a lake or river), or perhaps down a hillside.

When all sides of a pool or spa are “vanishing edge,” you have what is known as a “wet deck” or “Perimeter Overflow” pool. With this design, there are no visible edges to the pool (or spa). Water flows over the edges on all sides, into a specially constructed and hidden catch basin. The deck on a perimeter overflow pool is usually at the exact same height as the water, with the deck and water separated by a narrow gap.

Vanishing edge and Perimeter Overflow pools provide a stunning visual effect, but they are also the most difficult of all pool designs. These projects require extremely precise engineering calculations during design and unwavering workmanship standards at all stages of construction. They should not be entrusted to anyone but experienced professionals who specialize in vanishing edge design.

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