Freeform Scene

Free-Form - Creating “The Natural Look”

A free-form” pool provides a much more relaxed and natural look. This is usually accomplished with some combination of the following:

  • Smooth flowing curves and natural shapes
  • Flagstone/natural stone deck (or stamped concrete with a natural, freeform pattern)
  • Extensive use of natural (or natural looking) boulders and rocks
  • Natural-looking waterfalls, grottos, water slides and other features
  • Natural stone coping, and/or natural rock around the waterline

A freeform look is further achieved with abundant landscaping near the water’s edge, especially with palms, ferns, and/or extensive ground cover. Darker-colored interior finishes also tend to promote a “natural lagoon” look. A beach entry is another feature that adds a certain casual look to any pool design.

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