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pool gate safety and pool fence
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pool gate safety and pool fence

Dear Pool Owner, 

Once water is placed into the swimming pool it becomes a drowning hazard. Even though you may have new gates that self-close, The Green Scene strongly recommends that you install locks on any gates that have access to the swimming pool. 

In our experience, combination locks work best because the combo can be easily shared with your pool-man, gardener, service tech, etc. Let them know the importance of keeping your property locked. 

Our President, Scott Cohen, has worked as a Construction Expert Witness for decades and served on four cases that involved children drowning as a result of improper fencing or poorly maintained or unsecured gates. It’s a horrible thing to see, and entirely avoidable by locking your gates. In one of his cases, the homeowners had no children of their own, but a 3-year-old from four houses up the street wandered into their backyard and drowned.  

safety lock

Our recommendation for Pool Gate Safety 


Proper maintenance requires applying lube to gate hinges 2 times a year and checking to ensure the gates self-close like they did when we had the original enclosure inspection for your property. 

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.

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