The November 17 issue of Concrete Surfaces features 2 Green Scene projects, pictured below. Click the images to read the articles on concreteconstruction.net.


The October 4 issue of Concrete Surfaces features 2 Green Scene projects, pictured below. Click the images to read the articles on concreteconstruction.net.

Four of our projects have won Awards of Distinction from United Aqua Group!


Scott Cohen was featured in the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo 2016 Brochure (pages 16-19). Don’t miss his upcoming seminars in November!


A Great Outdoors: OMG Backyards features Green Scene creation

In Los Angeles, and in particular the Beverly Hills area of the city, there are many OMG backyards.

This one, though, created by Scott Cohen’s company, Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools, was over-the-top enough to have been featured last summer on the television show “OMG Backyards” on ReelzChannel. Read more


Moorpark Magnificence

A three-time “Masters of Design Award” winner, Green Scene Landscaping and Pools has frequently been showcased on HGTV (e.g., “Cool Pools” and “Get Out, Way Out!”) doing what the company does best—transforming backyards into engaging outdoor living environments.

A Tabula Rasa
Green Scene’s residential client in this feature is a young couple with children who bought a new home in Moorpark. Moorpark (pop. 34,421) is a city in Ventura County in Southern California, about 48 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The “backyard” was just dirt, a tabula rasa, or what an artist might call an empty canvas. Read more


Topped Off with Flair

A backyard makeover in Newbury Park, Calif., featured an outdoor kitchen with themed countertops destined to be used for cooking classes. Also included was a custom fireplace that was built following the engineering plans from the contractor, Scott Cohen’s book “Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits.”

It is made from cinderblock veneered with split-face travertine. The crew cast the hearth, mantle and cap in place using Styrofoam forms. A custom-fabricated iron door was then installed. Cohen designed the flower pot to the left of the fireplace, which was then hand carved by Mexican artisans out of a block of Cantera stone: a quarried, volcanic rock from Mexico and Central America that is durable in spite of having a softness that allows for detailed sculpting. The pot has its own drip irrigation line and a separate drainage line to prevent pooling water from causing iron stains on the hardscape. Cohen’s crew built the columns of the pergola out of cinderblock that was grouted solid and reinforced with #5 steel rebar. The stained tongue and grove roof was subcontracted. Read More


This Green Scene project graced the Aqua magazine cover, along with the article describing the challenges and triumphs of the project.

The Never-Ending Pool Project
by Scott Cohen

Patience is a virtue, the adage goes, and we were reminded of that ancient truth throughout this project. It not only tested our patience here at The Green Scene; it also pushed the limits of the clients’ goodwill and forbearance.

The construction process can be unsettling enough for homeowners, but when that follows years of delays before you even turn over a shovel of dirt, the level of frustration can (read more)

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