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backyard private water park with pool, golf course, slide and outdoor kitchen
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backyard private water park with pool, golf course, slide and outdoor kitchen

Water parks are all the rage—but why enjoy them only when you can take a whole day to go? Build your own private water park right in your backyard. The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools can help you with everything from design to permitting to finished construction. Here are some amazing features you’ll definitely want to add!


The most memorable water parks are founded on a great swimming pool, and you have lots of options. You can get a roomy rectangular pool, a fanciful freeform, or an elegant and clean contemporary swimming pool. If space is a concern, you can opt for a compact freeform pool that leaves room for more fun water park features!

A Spa

Water parks leave room aplenty for both fun and relaxation. Include an infinity-edge spa that spills over into the pool, giving the adults space to kick back with the massage jets while the kids whoop it up on the swimming pool side. Don’t forget the lighting effects so you can enjoy your spa after the sun goes down and the kids go to bed!


Another water park staple is a whimsical slide. Sure, straight and narrow is fine. But turns and curves and spirals—oh my! Slides aren’t just fun for the little ones, either. Dad and Uncle Bob will get just as much kick out of a slide or two. It’s more fun than cannonballs, and a bit safer, too.

Fountains & Bubblers

Water parks immerse you in water fun, and you can accomplish this by adding fountains and bubblers to your pool and spa. Not only does this make for a playful time in the pool, fountains and bubblers add a spectacular visual effect, especially when paired with lighting effects. You’ll enjoy it when the pool is filled with play and laughter, and the soothing, gentle rush of water provides a relaxing ambiance when things are quiet and calm.

swim-up bar in a blue pool in a backyard private water park
A swim-up bar in a pool makes for a fun addition for any backyard, for both the swimmers and the grillers.

Rock Features

Adding rock features makes any pool look like a natural pool. Rock features create a stunning focal point for the pool, and are excellent for providing privacy in backyards that are easily visible from the neighbor’s place. We can build rock features with waterfalls, so that the water spills over into the pool, for that one-two punch of fun and beauty. Consider building an enclave into your rock formations for swimming or to provide some shade in the pool on those hot, summer days.

Waterfalls & Spillovers 

With or without rock formations, you can add waterfalls and spillovers to your pool for a true water park vibe. Water bowls or hot tubs spilling into the pool feel amazing on sore shoulders, and the visual effects are breathtaking. Like fountains and bubblers, waterfalls and spillovers deliver just enough of a rushing water sound to calm you, like sitting by a rushing forest stream.

Sunken Tables & Swim-Up Bars

Who wants to get out of the water to eat? Not us! You can serve drinks or whatever you whip up on the grill with sunken pool tables and swim-up bars! These are simply fabulous on hot days when no one wants to get out of the cool pool to eat. And what could be more “water park” than eating in the water?


Ready to make your backyard a private water park? We’re ready to help! Contact The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools to get started on your backyard private water park dreams today!

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