Liquid Assets: How Swimming Pools Add Real Value to Your Property

Swimming pools can add great value to a home.
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When it comes to real estate resale value, the debate over whether swimming pools add value to homes has been a long-standing topic of discussion among realtors, property investors, and homeowners. However, the evidence strongly suggests that swimming pools do indeed boost a property’s allure and overall appeal, making it an attractive feature for many potential home buyers.

It is common to see advertisements and magazine covers highlighting the pool area rather than the home itself. This is because a well-designed yard with a swimming pool has the power to captivate the imagination of buyers and create an emotional connection with the property. Many homebuyers specifically seek out houses with a swimming pool, considering it a non-negotiable feature during their search.

The allure of swimming pools lies not only in the tangible benefits but also in the emotional experiences they offer. Different genders may prioritize different aspects of a home, but the backyard pool has a unique ability to bring harmony between preferences. While women may focus on interior features like closet space, kitchen appliances, and cabinets, men often find that a functional bathroom is sufficient for them to feel comfortable. The backyard, with its enticing swimming pool, serves as a shared space where couples can easily find common ground, making it a valuable addition that enhances a home’s appeal to a wider audience.

Family memories are often built around the backyard swimming pool. Children playing in the water, hosting poolside parties, and enjoying quality time with loved ones create lasting and cherished memories. As the heart of recreational activities, the swimming pool brings families together, promoting stronger bonds and a sense of community within the home.

According to the concept described in the book “Blue Mind” by Wallace J. Nichols, there are significant mental health benefits to being near water. The calming effect of water can reduce stress, anxiety, and even improve overall well-being. The mere presence of a swimming pool in the backyard can create a relaxing environment that encourages relaxation and promotes mental tranquility, further adding to the value of a home.

A real-life example that supports the argument for the value of swimming pools in real estate can be seen through one of our Green Scene clients. When they decided to sell their home, the feedback they received was unanimous – it was the backyard and the pool that garnered the most attention from potential buyers. Multiple offers flooded in from enthusiastic parties who couldn’t resist the allure of the idyllic backyard with the inviting swimming pool. “We sold the backyard and threw in the house for free!”

Aside from the aesthetic and emotional appeal, swimming pools also offer practical advantages. They can serve as a source of exercise, promoting a healthier lifestyle for homeowners and their families. Additionally, a well-maintained pool can increase a property’s curb appeal, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers from the moment they set foot on the property.

In conclusion, the debate about the value of swimming pools in real estate may continue, but the evidence points overwhelmingly towards their ability to add significant value to homes. The emotional connection, family bonding, mental health benefits, and aesthetic appeal make swimming pools a highly desirable feature for many homebuyers. As homeowners create cherished memories around the pool, it becomes more than just an amenity – it becomes an integral part of their lives. So, whether it’s for relaxation, entertainment, or improving one’s overall well-being, the swimming pool remains a powerful asset that enhances the value of a home and turns it into a place where dreams are made and shared.

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