How We Make Your Pool Design Picture Perfect

A picture perfect perspective drawing of a backyard pool design
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When you imagine your dream swimming pool, what do you see? You may have an idea of what you want and a list of features you’d like in addition to your swimming pool. However, communicating this concept to others – or even yourself – is easier said than done. Just how is all of that going to fit in your backyard? What about landscaping or hardscaping? Turn to the experts at The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools! Garden Artisan Scott Cohen says that one of the biggest challenges he and his team face in backyard design is helping his clients visualize the big picture. That’s why The Green Scene team uses various tools to present their design ideas to clients and then utilize approved designs to make dream pools picture perfect.

Perspective Drawings

picture perfect perspective drawing of contemporary pool

After an initial consultation to understand your wants and needs for your new pool, we’ll begin by creating a collection of perspective drawings. This is more than a bird’s eye view of the potential design layout; we create illustrations that visualize perspectives of your backyard from different angles. 

With a perspective drawing, you’ll finally begin to truly picture yourself swimming in your dream pool, right outside your back door. Perspective drawings make the dream a little more real. You’ll also be able to determine whether or not you’re happy with the overall design. Once you look at a perspective drawing, you may decide you’d rather have a fountain on the other side of the yard or that you’d like another gathering spot added. And there’s no rush here; we’ll loan the design to you for a day or two so you can mull over it with the family and decide how to move forward. We want you to be happy with the new space. When you return the design to us – remember, it’s just a loan! – we’ll discuss desired changes and head back to the drawing board.

3D Video Presentations

girl seeing pool design in vr

As the design becomes finalized, we’ll create a 3D video presentation. Moving from 2D to 3D brings your vision to life even further as you’ll get to explore your new backyard from all angles. These presentations don’t just encompass the design aspects; they include the genuine lifestyle, too. You’ll be able to view your project design in a 3D virtual environment using our Oculus virtual reality technology.

You’ll see pops grilling in the new outdoor kitchen, kids gathered around the fire pit roasting marshmallows, hot moms lounging in the cool Baja shelf in the pool, Fido rolling in the grass. You’ll even hear the sound of water gurgling from fountains and waterfalls and fire crackling in from the fire bowl. Here’s a recent example of one from our YouTube channel.

These videos are often what seal the deal with our clients. Combining the 3-dimensional perspective with living-breathing visuals and lifelike sound effects solidifies the imagination as picture perfect reality.

See The Bigger Picture

Along with bringing your vision to life, we use these perspective drawings and 3D videos for a few other reasons. It’s not just our clients who need to see the bigger picture, but contractors and other key stakeholders, as well.

If you live in a neighborhood in a homeowners association, for example, perspective drawings streamline getting project approval. Helping the committee visualize your dream, too, often makes them accept the project more easily as they can see how stunning the end product will be.

Plus, finalized drawings and 3D videos ensure quality and approved design concepts throughout the construction process from beginning to end. While there will be specified blueprints for them to work with, perspective drawings will give pool builders and landscapers an idea of what your pool and backyard are supposed to look like once finished. Perspective drawings and 3D videos also reduce potential – and costly – changes by providing a clear vision of the final product for both clients and contractors alike. 

The Green Scene design team uses perspective drawings and 3D video presentations because it’s our goal to bring your dream to life. We capture your imagination, put it to paper, and then make it a reality. If you’re ready for a picture perfect pool and backyard, reserve a consultation with us today or call us directly at (800) 675-5296. We look forward to hearing from you!


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