How to Plan Your New Pool Budget

contemporary pool with water features
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contemporary pool with water features
There’s a lot to consider as you begin to plan your new pool budget.

As much as we all enjoy saying the phrase “money is no object,” let’s be realistic here – it always kind of is. Even if you operate under the guise of “there is no budget,” you are still likely to want some semblance of cost and expectation when it comes to planning a pool budget.

Do you want a luxurious secluded oasis, complete with lush greenery, lights, and water features? Or are you more in the market for creating the ultimate backyard waterpark for your family and social gatherings?

The Green Scene is an all-inclusive licensed pool, landscape, and general construction contractor. We will help design the pool of your dreams that is functional, beautiful, and within your budget. 

Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Pool Budget

When planning for your backyard pool, there are several considerations to take into account as it relates to your budget.

  1. Will you be remodeling your current pool, or are you starting from scratch?
  2. Is your pool mainly for relaxing, exercising, or entertaining? Are you interested in an infinity-edge or a Baha shelf? Choose a pool design, depth, and size based on what your intended use will be. 
  3. Is your yard flat? Does it need grading and re-sloping? 
  4. What type of pool material would you like? Our experts at The Green Scene can explain the types, longevity, and ongoing maintenance costs associated with each.
  5. Do you need to take yearly maintenance costs into your budget considerations? 
  6. How much landscaping do you want? This is part of the finishing touches that make your new backyard pool oasis uniquely yours. 
  7. Do you want any other add-ons, such as lighting, an outdoor kitchen, fire features, a deck, or a fence?

Costs to Consider in Pool Budget Planning

Maybe the world isn’t your oyster, but your backyard is. The best way to ensure you are getting everything you want is simple. We offer various services, including consultation, design, and construction. Our expert designers and builders will work with you to discuss options and costs.

The initial expense of installing a pool can vary widely depending on size, type, location, and other customizations. These upfront costs also include excavation, construction materials, deliveries, and installation.

The customizations that you choose are sure to have your friends and neighbors scrambling to keep up with the Joneses. Meanwhile, you will be relaxing, cooking, and enjoying your private slice of paradise.

Some customizations to consider are:

  • Pool Shape: Everything is customizable, even the shape of your new pool. Standard forms are available as well.
  • Coping: More commonly known as the pool’s edge, several options are available once the pool shape is determined.
  • Fire Features: Fire can be relaxing and soothing when it’s purposeful and contained. Add to your relaxation level by including multiple types of fire features.
  • Water Features: Fountains, waterfalls, and ponds are just a few available options.
  • Tile: This is a great way to add flair and personality to your outdoor space. 
  • Woodwork: Part of what sets The Green Scene apart from the competition is our general contractor’s license. Let us show you how a patio cover, pavilion, pergola, or palapa can add to your outdoor living space.
  • Outdoor Kitchen: We have an exclusive cast concrete construction method that is durable, stunning, and one-of-a-kind (just like you).
  • Landscaping: Consider landscaping the icing on the cake that pulls your backyard beautification project together. We take care of every aspect of landscaping for your home, including driveways, entryways, and walkways. 

Don’t Forget the Hidden Costs

There are hidden costs to take into account as well, including, but not limited to:

  • Electricity for pumps, lights, and other equipment and features
  • Water for filling your pool
  • Chemicals to eliminate algae and bacteria and oxidize other materials, like chloramines and dirt 
  • Repairs and ongoing maintenance
  • Opening and closing your pool, if needed
  • Homeowners insurance rates and property taxes
  • Landscaper fees

What About Financing?

If your dreams are bigger than your budget, there is financing available through HFS Financial. With payments as low as $89/month for every $10k and the ability to fund any project within 48 hours, don’t let money be the reason you don’t get the backyard retreat of your dreams.

The Green Scene

The Green Scene is not your typical pool company, just like you’re not the typical pool client. As licensed pool contractors and landscape contractors, we work with you to design and build pool projects that you didn’t think were possible. We make dreams come true. Contact us to get started on your backyard today!

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