How to Create a Private Resort Vibe in Your Backyard

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When we’re loaded down with stress from work and life in general, seeing brochures for private resorts in far-away places makes us yearn for an escape. Even if it’s just for a little while. However, you don’t have to travel away from home to find that perfect island escape. If you’ve been dreaming of getting away from it all, take a moment before you book that trip. What if you could have a private resort escape, but right at home? Here are some tips on how to create a private resort vibe in your backyard, so you can have a relaxing staycation every day.

Start with a swimming pool

Even if they’re right by the ocean, every private resort features a gorgeous pool for vacationers just looking to float and soak in the sun. But what if we told you that you can have a private resort swimming pool in your own backyard? As an award-winning pool builder, The Green Scene team are experts at designing, building, and remodeling jaw-dropping backyard pools.

With cool, crystal-clear water shimmering in the sunshine, you can escape the heat and work stress in your stunning pool any day of the week.

Accessorize your pool

Dress up your swimming pool with cool features like built-in spas, custom waterfalls, and firepits. Plus, comfy patio furniture surrounding an outdoor fireplace and kitchen gives you a space to lounge, snack, and relax, just like you would at a far-away hotel on vacation. With custom accessories, you can create a private resort vibe in your backyard that is all your own.

Landscaping, landscaping, landscaping!

Well-designed landscaping is the icing on the cake to transforming your backyard into the private escape you’ve been dreaming of. Plant a palm tree or two; their huge glossy fronds definitely create a private resort vibe in your backyard. Add a splash of color with flowers in ceramic pots and a manicured lawn is great for walking around barefoot. Flowers and greenery also smell so fresh, helping you to relax and unwind, just like you would on vacation.

Opt for a staycation rather than a vacation by creating a private resort vibe in your backyard. With The Green Scene, you’ll have the perfect getaway that you can escape to any day of the week, no trip planning required! From stunning award-winning swimming pools to poolside accessories and landscaping, the Green Scene can craft your backyard in the private resort you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today to make it happe

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