How Does an Infinity-Edge Pool Work?

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When Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story utters his famous line, “To infinity and beyond!“, he probably wasn’t referencing infinity-edge pools, but he should have been. This style of pool edging, or coping, is as luxurious as it is stunning.

At The Green Scene, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring your backyard and swimming pool are as unique as you are. Let us tell you what an infinity-edge pool is, how they work, maintenance, cost, and how we can help you create the custom outdoor space you deserve. 

What Is an Infinity-Edge Pool?

An infinity-edge pool design plays a visual trick on the eye. When done correctly, this style of swimming pool edge looks as if there is no separation between the water in the pool and the surrounding landscape.

Infinity pools give swimmers the illusion that they are floating above the earth. This pool style can also trick the mind into thinking the water from the swimming pool is a waterfall flowing into another body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean.

How Does an Infinity-Edge Pool Work?

We build infinity-edge pools with a portion of the wall removed near the swimming pool’s top or at the coping level to create this waterfall-like effect. The pool water then spills over the side into a catch basin. With pumps and hydraulics, the overflow water is pumped back into the pool, thus continuing the cycle.

When creating a custom pool for your backyard, bear in mind that there are options when it comes to the mechanism that feeds the water back into your pool. You can choose to have it be invisible and under the surface or as an eye-catching feature, like a stone waterfall.

Remember that the disappearing edge tricks the eye. If you swim up to the edge, you will not fall off like your brain wants you to think. Instead, you’ll reach a wall that keeps you contained to the safety of the pool.

Do Infinity-Edge Pools Require More Maintenance?

As you contemplate if you want an infinity-edge pool or not, consider the maintenance. Technology for this style is more intensive than for a basic in-ground pool, so opting for an infinity-edge requires a little extra maintenance, including:

  • Cleaning the water catch basin. 
  • Monitoring the filtrations system and water pump for effective recirculation.
  • Cleaning the tile: Infinity-edge pools have more tile square footage

How Much Does an Infinity-Edge Pool Cost?

Due to the more complex design and additional components than that of a traditional swimming pool, this edging style tends to cost more. They also require additional planning and pool-building expertise. 

There will be multiple factors to consider when evaluating the final price. Still, the average cost of one infinity edge will add approximately 30% to the overall amount.

Here are a few questions you want to consider when beginning the design process and estimating the cost:

  1. Will there be one infinity-edge or multiples?
  2. Will the pool only be viewed from above, or are the aesthetics of the “downhill” side important as well?
  3. Does the terrain present any particular challenges?
  4. What is the preferred mechanism to feed the water back into the pool? Will it be invisible and out of sight or a featured waterfall made of stone or some other material?

Answering these questions will help determine the cost, strategy, and timeline for building the infinity pool of your dreams.

Infinity-Edge Pool Design Experts at The Green Scene

Whether you call it an infinity-edge, vanishing edge, disappearing edge, or perimeter overflow, this style of swimming pool is absolutely stunning, adding the perfect finishing touch to your custom backyard.

However, they are also the most difficult of the pool design choices. These particular projects require experienced professionals who specialize in infinity-edge design. They require precise engineering calculations and unwavering workmanship along every step of the way, from design to construction. Don’t trust just anyone with this type of project.

At The Green Scene, we are licensed pool contractors and landscape contractors and are among the leading experts in our field. We are a premier design, construction, and landscaping firm specializing in high-end builds. Contact us today to see how our expertise can bring you the infinity-edge pool and backyard you’ve always dreamed about. And who knows? Maybe Buzz Lightyear will come to visit.

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