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Can you envision it? A backyard that features an incredible pool design that brings fun, entertainment, and relaxation to your family every single day. We certainly can, in fact, it’s what we do best. At The Green Scene, we specialize in taking your fantastic backyard design ideas and creating a spectacular work of art that enhances both your home and your lifestyle. But, if you find yourself struggling with finalizing the right pool design, rest assured we’ve got the knowledge and experience to get you started. 

Planning Your Pool Design with Professionals 

Sometimes the available space you have for a swimming pool will impact the final design choice, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to a cookie-cutter classic if an eye-popping backyard centerpiece is what you crave. One of the many benefits of working with a landscaping company like The Green Scene is the fact that we are able to work around factors like available space. 

We are also incredibly experienced at designing swimming pools to meet our client’s needs. Whether your desire is to host a regular weekend-long pool party with the whole neighborhood, or to create a spa-like retreat to enjoy after a busy week, we can help you pick out a pool shape, size, and water features that work together for you and your backyard.

Custom Pools

With a custom pool, you are quite literally able to bring your wildest imaginings to life. Take, for instance, our Love American Style project. This client dreamed of a lovely outdoor space and we were able to provide just that! Not only is the pool a custom shape, but we were even able to have the pavers and topiaries custom-made. Plus, a contoured seating spa paired with deck jets, and a sun shelf make this pool design like no other. 

Custom Water Features

If a custom pool design is your heart’s desire, you should know that your options go far beyond size and shape. Water features are an amazing way to add a modern touch and truly personalize your pool to your every want and need. 

Fountains – Bubbling fountains create a stunning visual experience.
Adding multiple water features is a smart way to create a unique outdoor space with different elements to entertain, relax, and have fun!
Waterfalls are an amazing addition to any pool design, cascading in a peaceful flow.

Custom Contemporary Pools 

No one does contemporary pool design like The Green Scene. Timeless, classic, and utterly stunning a custom contemporary pool might be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do these pools make for an eye-catching centerpiece to your backyard, but they also work wonderfully in yards with limited space or a uniquely plotted area. With its sleek angles and satisfying swimming spaces, a contemporary pool is definitely a design to consider. Check out an example of effective use of space with our project The Plug Scene

Let’s make a scene! For more ideas and inspiration for contemporary pool design, check out our other past projects or subscribe to our YouTube channel for 3D design videos and tips, as well as follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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