Scott Cohen has been featured on many national television shows, including HGTV’s “Get Out, Way Out!, Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens, Big Splash, Landscaper’s Challenge, Designing For The Sexes and Property Buzz.

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Get Out, Way Out!

Season 2

Episode HGOUT-201

Outdoor Entertaining Area with Mountain Retreat Style

The Hirsch family has outgrown their backyard, and it’s been seven years since they’ve done any work to it. Their home currently has a Tuscan style, but they’d like to give it more of a mountain retreat feel by adding a fire pit, large trees and more space for cooking and entertaining outdoors.

Episode HGOUT-202

Outdoor Kitchen, Spa, Fountain and Fire Pit

After 20 years, Ron and Diane Lawrence have decided to transform their yard into something magnificent. The space isn’t huge, so they’ve asked designer Scott Cohen whether he can fit in their wish list of an outdoor kitchen, a spa, a fountain water feature and a fire pit. They want to transform their blank space into something they can show off while entertaining their friends.

Episode HGOUT-203

Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola and Pool Enhancements

Ron and Belinda Mossler have decided that it’s time to give their backyard a new and exciting upgrade. They plan to build a full-service kitchen and to cover up the patio with a pergola structure. The swimming pool will be updated with new equipment and fountain elements to make it even more spectacular. Designer Scott Cohen and The Green Scene will make it all happen!

Episode HGOUT-204

An Outdoor Entertainment Area Befitting an Italian Villa

The Giraldo family asks landscape designer Scott Cohen to transform their dirt pit of a backyard into an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area reflective of an Italian villa.

Episode HGOUT-208

Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola and Pool Enhancements

Lauren and Reza Zamani are looking for a way to cool down their backyard with shade, while adding more of a romantic flair. Designer Scott Cohen delivers both these elements and creates a fabulous outdoor kitchen and lounge area as well.

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