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Slip on your “Kiss the Cook” apron and grab your grilling tongs, because it’s time to talk about dreamy designs for your outdoor kitchen counters. Not only will the right counter design options complement your cooking styles, but they will also work to enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen. Here are a few of our favorite countertop and backsplash designs we’ve done over the years that really brought something special to our client’s custom outdoor kitchens. 

Stunning Stone Settings 

Serene Scene

Whether you’re wanting space for cooking or an area for dining, stone countertops are a fantastic choice. We loved creating this bar for our Serene Scene project, which allows the perfect place to entertain or enjoy poolside family meals.

Streams Come True

Here is another great example of a cast stone countertop that offers both space for preparing mouth-watering dishes along with a surface for wining and dining. We love it when Streams Come True!

Gorgeous Glass Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Swoopy Snoopy 

Did you know that recycled glass makes for dazzling outdoor kitchen countertops? This split level BBQ counter from our Swoopy Snoopy project features crushed recycled glass that sparkles in the sunlight and perfectly complements this poolside outdoor kitchen’s design.

Seashell Scene

Another project where we incorporated recycled glass into the counter design is our Seashell Scene. Here you can see quite an amazing work of art using the glass pieces embedded into the cast concrete counter space. These glass colors mixed with seashells are an excellent representation of the project as a whole, as we created this outdoor kitchen design to work in conjunction with the swimming pool for an all-inclusive experience.

Hacienda Remodel

For our Hacienda Remodel, we added glow in the dark glass to the cast concrete countertops for a special touch that enhances evening entertainment as well as everyday family meals. 

Whimsical Wine Bottles Tabletops

Hacienda Foodie

With a scrumptious name like Hacienda Foodie, we made sure this outdoor kitchen project featured extra surprises when it came to counter design and tabletop. Whimsical wine bottles and complementary glass pieces are illuminated with fiber-optic cables. Garden Artisan Scott Cohen and the team at The Green Scene love to prove that the only limitations to creativity are your own imagination.

Beautiful Backsplashes 

The Plug Scene

While not technically serving as part of the counter space, a backsplash is still a great way to truly hone in on a unique kitchen design and give it that finishing touch. We created a backsplash over the retaining wall of our project The Plug Scene and it created a beautiful work of art with natural stone.

Seashell Scene

Circling back around to the Seashell Scene project, we created a dazzling mosaic backsplash for that “wow factor” in an outdoor kitchen design that you’ll only find with The Green Scene. 

We love showing our amazing work with outdoor kitchen counters. If you liked these counter design options, be sure to check out our Cooking Scene gallery – full of inspiring ideas to get those creative wish list wheels turning. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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