Create Pool Security with CamerEye™

Create pool security with CamerEye
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As you imagine the epic pool parties you’ll no doubt be hosting while you fire up the grill in your outdoor kitchen, a pool safety security system like CamerEye™ is a special touch that The Green Scene now offers as an inexpensive option for you to create that priceless peace of mind. 

When it comes to designing your dream backyard, one of the last things you may think of is a camera system. While it’s easy to focus on the “fun parts” like the swimming pool, custom spa, and the luscious green landscaping, the one thing that should be at the top of your list of pool safety considerations for your space.

Protecting Your Pool Build

It’s no secret that building a pool can be expensive. So, in order to protect your property while we create your backyard paradise, our team at The Green Scene has started using the CamerEye pool alarm system. Voted as the number one pool alarm by Pool Magazine, this one-of-a-kind security system will help both us and our clients feel confident about the safety of our construction zone. 

Keeping Friends, Family, and Furry Fiends Safe

Now, once your project is completed, the CamerEye we use during the build is yours to keep. Why is this such a big deal? We love pools so much that we want everyone to have one without fear of disaster. Having a reliable, state-of-the-art pool alarm means that your friends, family, and visiting critters of all kinds are safer while in your backyard. 

Motion Detection 

The CamerEye features unmatched distress detection by monitoring not only the water’s surface, but the area around the pool. The smart and adaptive A.I. is intelligent enough to alert you when motion is detected near your swimming pool, as well as a distressful entry into the pool. Whether it’s a small wandering child or a distracted adult, you can rest assured that an alarm will sound when distress is detected. 

A.I. Alarm

What happens after CamerEye senses a dangerous situation? It sends an alarm to multiple platforms and is smart enough to differentiate between an incident that requires immediate attention, like unauthorized pool entry, and instances like lost power for absolute peace of mind.

Real Time Video

Once installed, a live stream of video is sent to a smart hub, which transmits it to your phone using WiFi. Simply position the camera over your pool or spa and rest in the knowledge that you’ve added an extra layer of security for your friends and family.

Keep Your CamerEye

Our team at The Green Scene understands how important it is to keep your pool, property, and most importantly your loved ones safe. We will use CamerEye to keep a close watch over your landscaping project while we work to create a backyard that fits your family and lifestyle. Once our part is done, the CamerEye camera is yours to keep. 


When choosing your landscaping company, pick the professionals that put safety first, like The Green Scene. Read our blog for more ideas and other safety tips like pool gate safety. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, as well as follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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