Services Offered by Scott Cohen:

  • Design and Construction in our local area
  • Design Only ($250/hour or flat rate)
    If you would like Scott to design your landscape, we need as much information about your property as possible. Before you call, please gather the following materials together:
    Photos of areas to be designed (views from windows, views of house, areas with privacy issues, etc.)
    1. Measurements of areas to be designed*
    2. HOA requirements
    3. Setbacks and easements (areas that cannot be built on)
    4. Drainage issues
    5. Heights of slopes
    6. Utility locations

    *The accuracy of your measurements will determine the accuracy of the design we can create for you. Approximate measurements will allow him to create general sketches; precise measurements will allow him to create detailed plans.
  • Landscape Design Consultation Only ($250/hour by telephone or in person, travel time included for areas more than 25 miles from our office.)
  • Landscape Construction Defect Industry Expert Consultation / Testifying ($350/hr / $375/hr)
    Construction Defect Inspections: $350 per hour
    Expert Witness Testimony: $375 per hour, $750 minimum ($1500 retainer required)
    Travel expenses: @ $.50 mile + hotel and any other applicable travel reimbursement applies.
    Cohen is considered an industry expert and has qualified as an expert witness in trials, arbitrations and mediations. Cohen works regularly as a construction defect expert witness for attorneys, contractors, insurance companies and homeowners.
  • Landscape Design and Build Seminars, Training, and Speaking Engagements
    Hire Scott Cohen to speak at your next industry show. Cohen’s outgoing personality and comfortable speaking style entertain attendees as he shares knowledge collected over 22 years of work experience.

Click here for more information about seminars and speaking engagements

Scott Cohen’s construction defect consultations include tile delaminating, concrete or swimming pool heaving, pool cracks, cracked pavers, cracking concrete, concrete staining, swimming pool sinking, improper step construction, ponds and waterfalls, and more. For more information go to our Expert Witness page.

Earthquake Damage Repair Estimates

It’s only a matter of time before California has an earthquake that will require homeowners to make repairs to their concrete structures. Call us for earthquake damage repair estimates for a cracked or damaged swimming pool or spa and cracked or damaged concrete, stone, decorative walls, patio covers, steps, or pavers.