Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to your Outdoor Space

Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to your Outdoor Space
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There is no doubt that the California lifestyle is trend setting. Once a style establishes in California, it just seems to naturally spread east, including fashion, culinary arts, technology, and healthy living.  

Another place we are setting the trend is in stylish outdoor living. Today almost everything we build is modern and contemporary, but what’s next? Looks like modern farmhouse is the next big thing.

What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

This design trend is gaining popularity in Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, Northridge, and throughout the San Fernando Valley. 

Modern and contemporary backyard designs provided a sense of escape and sanctuary, but they could feel aloof and lack hominess. Traditional farmhouse country design is rustic and comfortable, but it uses busy patterns that can sometimes make a space feel cluttered and overwhelming.

Modern farmhouse style blends the best of both design styles. It uses the clean, sleek, and sophisticated lines of modern design with the rustic practicality and comfort of traditional farmhouse style. It feels fresh and clean while also cozy and inviting. 

Bring modern farmhouse style to your outdoor space for an end result that is both simplistically charming and stylishly in vogue. 

How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Outdoor Space

The curved, modern bench blends effortlessly with the rocky pond.

The creative team along with Garden Artisan, Scott Cohen, at The Green Scene designed and constructed a beautiful Modern Farmhouse Scene. This project showcases how to bring modern farmhouse style to your outdoor space. 

For modern farmhouse plans, the first step in bringing this trendy design to your backyard is to define your outdoor “rooms”. You should establish dedicated space for each area and feature you’d like to have in your backyard such as seating for entertaining, an outdoor kitchen, fire feature, water feature, kids’ play area, etc. 

Next, decide how you want to blend the rustic features you love with the modern amenities you desire. For example, this design nestles sleek, up-to-date outdoor kitchen appliances against natural landscaping. A wooden arbor and bar stools tie it all together.

In the photo above, notice the clean lines of the oversized curved bench. The bench wraps around the fire pit and allows for relaxing viewing of the fish in the pond. The natural pond with its large waterfall completes the rustic yet sophisticated charm of the outdoor room.

Is Modern Farmhouse Style Family Friendly?

Modern farmhouse exteriors can be very family-friendly.

Modern farmhouse exteriors are very family-friendly since they incorporate the comfortable elements of traditional farmhouse design. 

In the photo above the trampoline is recessed for the family’s safety, and the natural path gives easy access to it. No more worrying about being flung off the trampoline or how to get on and off safely. Modern farmhouse style makes it simple, comfortable, and easy. 

This Modern Farmhouse Scene takes family-friendly to the next level too. They have a dedicated space for family ping pong tournaments and a 16’ wide movie screen! There is an arbor in the back where the pulldown screen is located. The movie projector is stylishly hidden in a tree. No eyesores allowed. 

Modern farmhouse style is limitless in its possibilities. The only real limit in bringing modern farmhouse style to your outdoor space is your imagination. 

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