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infinity edge pool in California

How Does an Infinity-Edge Pool Work?

When Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story utters his famous line, “To infinity and beyond!“, he probably wasn’t referencing infinity-edge pools, but he should have been.

contemporary pool with water features

How to Plan Your New Pool Budget

As much as we all enjoy saying the phrase “money is no object,” let’s be realistic here – it always kind of is. Even if

pool gate safety and pool fence

Pool Gate Safety

Dear Pool Owner,  Once water is placed into the swimming pool it becomes a drowning hazard. Even though you may have new gates that self-close,

grills gone wild with a tiki bar and fire pit

Grills Gone Wild!

Outdoor Kitchen with Grills, Where Tuscan Villa Meets Hawaiian Gardens Dual outdoor dining kitchens combine to blend a Tuscan wine country and Hawaiian gardens theme

ozonators in pools

Benefits of Ozonators in Pools

Ozonators, or “pool ozone generators,” are water sanitation systems that work by generating ozone in the pool water, thereby killing germs and bacteria and creating

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