Benefits of Ozonators in Pools

ozonators in pools
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Ozonators, or “pool ozone generators,” are water sanitation systems that work by generating ozone in the pool water, thereby killing germs and bacteria and creating a clean, safe place for you to swim. Ozone even kills influenza viruses like Covid-19! Ozone is hugely beneficial in swimming pools. So, let’s take a look at why.

Ozone is a reactive gas compound consisting of three oxygen atoms. Some ozone is natural, such as the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Other ozone is manmade, including that made by pool ozone generators or ozonators.

The ozonator machine is a small machine that sits in your pool equipment area and works to purify your swimming pool water. Many water purification systems are ozonators, and they make the water clean enough to drink. It’s pretty technical how these things work, but just know that kids don’t wipe as well as you think they do and ozonators help take care of that problem. The off gas of ozone is oxygen, so you are oxygenating the water at the same time! The benefits of ozonator sanitation systems are numerous. Let’s take a look …


Ozone Sanitation Systems Kill Bacteria, Viruses & Other Pool Contaminants

Pool sanitation systems have a twofold purpose: to inactivate harmful inorganic compounds and to kill dangerous organic compounds. Ozone does both. It effectively eliminates bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other yuckies that sneakily make their way into your pool.


Ozone Sanitation Systems Reduce the Amount of Chlorine You Need to Add

While ozonators don’t totally eliminate the need for chlorine sanitation, they do drastically reduce the amount you need. This saves money on chemicals over time. Additionally, it eliminates a lot of the unpleasantness you experience with chlorine, including eye irritation, corrosiveness, and the undesirable smell. In fact, the chemical reaction of ozone reduces the smell significantly! And you can’t discount how much it helps the environment when you use less chemicals in your pool. 


Ozone Sanitation Systems are Used in Both Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools

Since so little ozone is actually produced, ozonators are completely safe to use in inground and above-ground, as well as both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Users report a very clean smell, even in enclosed areas, and a more comfortable swimming experience.


Does a pool ozone generator sound like a good alternative pool sanitation system for you and your family? Let’s talk! Call The Green Scene Swimming Pools & Landscaping today.

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