Artificial Turf: A Professional Landscaping Perspective

artificial turf: a professional landscaper's perspective
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With 30 years of landscape experience in California in areas like Calabasas, Porter Ranch, and West Hills, Scott Cohen, owner of The Green Scene, has insights on artificial turf: a professional landscaper’s perspective. Early on, Scott worked as a landscaper alongside his father. Scott’s father was even known as “the Lawn Guru”. 

Over the years, Scott has watched the industry and the world change due to climate concerns, drought conditions, and southern California restrictions on water consumption.  

As these changes and challenges occur, Scott and his team lead the way. 

Due to lawn maintenance and water restrictions in our area, Scott is often asked about artificial turf and whether it is a good choice for a southern California lawn. 

Below are Scott’s thoughts on artificial turf: a professional landscaper’s perspective. 

Artificial Turf and California’s Drought

When asked about artificial turf and California’s drought, Scott tells his clients,

“In California, we have to respect the fact that water is a precious resource, and lawns actually use more water than swimming pools.

Real grass requires lots of water to grow, and it also evaporates the water in order to cool itself in the intense heat of the San Fernando Valley. Real grass in our area continually needs water so it can remain both lush and cool itself off. 

This is why real lawns end up consuming more water than swimming pools.”

Because of the need for water conservation, artificial turf, also called artificial grass, is growing in usage in California landscapes. 

Artificial lawns are low maintenance. They don’t get weeds, need fertilizing, or need mowing.

In addition, today’s high quality turfs more closely resemble real grass. They combine textures with multiple shades of green and brown to produce a faux lawn that is barely distinguishable from real grass. 

Dogs and Artificial Turf

We all love our dogs. But homeowners often struggle with dead spots on their lawn due to their dog. With artificial turf, this problem is solved. 

It stands up to the wear and tear from your dog and can easily be cleaned with organic cleaning products that leave behind a nice orange/citrus scent.

Another benefit of artificial turf for dogs is fleas and ticks don’t like it. Your dog is less likely to become infested. In addition, your dog won’t be tracking in dirt, so your home and patio will remain cleaner. For more tips on landscaping with pets in mind, check out our book Petscaping online.

Putting Greens on Artificial Turf

Installing a faux turf for use as a putting green is great for avid golfers. Your own putting green gives you a place to practice your swing every day. This is perfect for a professional golfer as well as the new golfer looking to improve their skills.

Artificial turf can also be used to create a miniature golf course for the whole family to enjoy.

Backyard putting greens using faux turf are low maintenance and create a fun go-to destination when you are entertaining. 

The Green Scene Team are experts at installing putting greens. Check out this video: “Bad Ass Backyard” to see how Scott and his team use artificial turf on a backyard putting green.

Artificial Turf: Final Perspective from a Professional Landscaper

Artificial grass and beautiful hardscapes are a great alternative to a large sprawling traditional lawn.

According to Scott:

The only real downside to a fake lawn is that it gets hot, so be sure to plant shade trees, ornamentals, and shrubs around it to help keep it cool.

Big lawn areas in America are going away and are being replaced with smaller grass areas and bigger patios and other hardscapes for entertaining. Artificial turf looks way better than it used to and is a great option for many homeowners depending on what they are looking for. So-

“Whether you want fake grass or real grass, you can trust the offspring of the lawn guru to know what’s best for you.”

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