6 Landscape Design Tips for Front Yards

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Whether your home is in serious need of a curb appeal boost or you’ve just bought a blank canvas tract home, professional landscaping can completely revitalize your front yard. Here are six landscape design tips for front yards that are sure to boost your curb appeal.

1 – Keep Landscape Design for Front Yards Simple and Clean

front yard with landscaping and hardscaping design
Landscaping and hardscaping create a balanced, uncluttered design for front yards.

In an attempt to boost curb appeal, it’s easy for eager homeowners to go overboard and create a front yard that feels excessively busy and cluttered. When it comes to landscape design, it’s best to keep it simple and clean. Balance the “negative” space with all of the elements in your front yard landscaping, so that it’s neither too bare or too busy using both landscaping and hardscape design.

2 – Have a Clear Direction

The flow of walkways in a front yard is one of the most vital aspects to consider in landscape design. Is there a clear direction from the front sidewalk? Is there easy access from the driveway and garage to your front door or backyard? It may not seem like a big deal now, but when you’re hauling a full load of groceries from your car in the driveway to your front door, it will matter.

3 – Research Plants for Your Zone

Know which plants will thrive in your zone. But how do you find your zone? A simple Google search should do the trick, but the professional landscaper you’re working with (like The Green Scene team) will also know which zone your home is in and can make recommendations and suggestions.

Especially in Chatsworth, California and the greater Los Angeles area, you’ll want to incorporate drought-resistant plants that thrive in clay soil.

4 – Light Front Yards Up with Outdoor Lighting

Front yard with outdoor lighting in landscape design
Outdoor lighting is an essential part of landscape design for front yards.

A well lit path that leads to the entryway (or even around to your backyard) is essential for front yard landscape design. So, you’ll want to carefully consider outdoor lighting placement. Not only does it make for a safer walkway at night, outdoor lighting helps guide guests into your home after dark, casting a welcoming glow.

5 – Get Creative with Cast Concrete

Going for a more contemporary landscape design for your home? Cast concrete is a durable material ideal for designing custom contemporary planters and clean line walkways.

6 – Make a Statement with a Water Feature

A custom water feature fountain in a front yard.
A custom water fountain is an excellent way to boost curb appeal in your front yard.

If you’d really like to make a state in your front yard, consider adding a water feature, like a bubbler or tornado fountain. They’re soothing, fun, and a joy to look at – an easy way to boost your curb appeal!

Have a specific water feature idea in mind? Bring it to The Green Scene team! We can design a custom water feature that fits your vision and complements your home.

Landscape Design for Front Yards with The Green Scene

Our last tip: for the best landscape design, trust The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools. Our team of expert landscape designers can craft your dream front yard scene. Reserve your designer today or give us a call at (800) 675-5296.

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