3 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Real estate professionals will tell you that curb appeal is one of the most important elements in garden design. Front yard improvements have a very high return on investment. When the time finally comes to cross “increase curb appeal” off the to-do list, you might be stumped on where to start. Do I just need to add a few plants and flowers? Or should I fully renovate my entire front yard? Suddenly, the project that didn’t seem like such a big deal is now daunting. The Green Scene is here to help! Here are 3 ways to increase your curb appeal and transform your front yard into a stunning, welcoming work of art.Our design philosophy is that the front yard should mimic the architectural style of the front of the home. It should look like it was always part of the original construction plan. We recommend matching materials and styling with the home facade.

#1 – Create a Grand Entrance

The grand entrance shouldn’t be put off until you walk through the front door. Make your front yard the grand entrance! The driveway, stairs, or walkways up to your house don’t have to be boring. With proper placement of hardscape, planters, lighting and landscaping you can create an astonishing entrance. Enhance your front porch and walkways with outdoor light fixtures and the front walkway becomes the grand entrance. Incorporate natural and clean lines when utilizing concrete for a dramatic and updated look. Design your walkway to draw the eye up to your front door, avoid distracting pathways that take away from the front door being the star of the show.

#2 – Add Dramatic Plants – Wisely

Nothing captures the attention of passersby like a well curated front landscape. Whether it’s a lush green lawn or eclectic groupings of plants, these special touches will liven up your yard and provide more depth and unity between the yard and the house itself. Be sure to look at your options based on the amount of light that is available and also consider the climate to make sure your flowers and plants are easy to maintain. In addition to choosing plants that will thrive in your yard, it’s important to choose flowers and plants in your front yard that enhance the theme or look you are going for. Our designers pull from a thematic plant palette to match the architectural scene you have chosen. Succulents are a great way to introduce a dynamic and exotic look that both increase curb appeal while also being drought tolerant.

#3 – Consider Garden Art

Yard art isn’t just painted gnomes and plastic pink flamingos. Consider creating focal points with plantings, water features, iron work, and other garden sculpture. Plant and trim hedges and bushes into tasteful topiary shapes like lollipops, and spiral designs. Fountains and water bubblers create a tranquil atmosphere, while wrought iron accents in garden walls shaped like grapevine and floral motifs offer an elegant touch. Gorgeous and well-executed garden art transforms your yard into an art gallery that will make passersby pause and take it all in.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your curb appeal, be sure to check out our portfolio of past front yard projects by The Green Scene Landscaping for inspiration. Then get in touch with us to share your ideas! We can design and build the front yard you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today!

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