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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you give free estimates? How does your process work?

A: We are currently waiving the $250 fee for the initial design consultation visit, if you are in

our service area. The purpose of the initial consultation is for the designer to meet with all homeowners at your

residence to ascertain your personal style and the design elements that will be included in the project. This

meeting typically lasts 1-2 hours. During the initial consultation, the designer discusses budget and size

and scope of the project and takes the time up front to explore your needs with our exclusive Design Questionnaire. Based on that meeting, he prepares a Work Order for Design Services. The design fee usually ranges from $800-$3500, depending on the size and scope of the project. (Fees are credited to the project when you hire us to build it.) Next, with our design staff, he begins to form a custom hardscape and landscape design based on your lifestyle, style preferences, and budget.

Q: Why does the designer need to meet with all homeowners?

A: Different people have different tastes, style preferences, and needs. The designer works with couples to design a landscape that will appeal equally to them both for many years.

Q: How long does it take to create a design?

A: Someone from our staff will go to your property to take measurements and photograph your property and load them on the computer. Scott Cohen creates his design with AutoCAD based software. We then create perspective drawings, (sometimes referred to as side view drawings) and sometimes 3D animations that show you what the completed project would look like. Typically this process takes 3-4 weeks, although it can take longer for large properties or if there are difficulties accessing the property to take measurements.