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The Green Scene Hardscape

Scott Cohen designs the most innovative and eye-catching hardscape features. On these pages we feature Scott's custom ceramic tile, concrete faux-wood bridges and patios, stone pilasters, paver patios, colored and stamped concrete walkways and patios, poured-in-place stepping stones, tile and stone swimming pool coping, cable wire hand rails, faux wood decking, flagstone highlights, custom ironwork, and much more!

Custom Ironwork | Custom Tile | Front Yards |

Paving Surfaces, Pilasters, and Decorative Walls

Click here to see a list of all 20 of Scott Cohen's Concrete Network videos.

swimming pool pavers and fire bowl
Scott Cohen in WaterShapes Magazine
March 2011: Scott Cohen talks about Beware of Exploding Lava Rocks
Feb. 2011: Scott Cohen talks about Tuning the Sound of Falling Water
Jan. 2011: Scott Cohen talks about The Case of the Vanishing Stone
Oct. 2010: Scott Cohen talks about Bad Plot Plans, Big Changes
Sept. 2010: Scott Cohen talks about French Drains The Right Way
Sept. 2010: Scott Cohen talks about Contractors, Footprints, and Dust
August 2010: Scott Cohen talks about Keep Weep Screeds Clear
August 2010: Scott Cohen talks about Clients and Color Consistency
July 2010: Scott Cohen talks about The Hazards of Water Migration

June 2010: Scott Cohen talks about Planning for a Rainy Day

June 2010: Scott Cohen talks about Cold Joints: Avoiding Costly Repairs
May 2010: Scott Cohen talks about Becoming Wise

WaterShapes May 2011: Scott Cohen talks about Making Steps and Landings Safe

swim-up bar
Backyard remodel swimming pool, patio, and pavilion with outdoor fireplace outdoor kitchen with custom tile
Backyard with gazebo, swimming pool, and fireplace  Front Hardscape and landscaping Conversation Firepit and bar
Custom Ironwork poured in place pavers
Fireplace Patio Door to back yard Patio with Bridge and custom iron pergola
Backyard putting green Contemporary Front Entrance Spa enclosure, fire hearth, and fountain Backyard outdoor kitchen and covered patio

Concrete Seat Walls: Tips for Designing and Building Backyard Seating by Scott Cohen

cable hand rail faux wood decking Outdoor fireplace living Room Paver Driveway Front Yard
 Front Gate  Front yard Stacked Stone Entrance with Urn Fountains Woodwork over Fireplace Patio
Paver patio poured in place concrete fountain with stamped features Front steps and pilasters
Putting Green Decorative Concrete Institute
Fireplace and Pergola Front Hardscape Kids' Bike Path with Trampoline Lacoste Firepit
patio and putting green Award-winning geometric tiled swimming pool and spa

Click here to see patio sizing guidelines

Concrete Patio Ideas & Placement Tips by Scott Cohen

patio seating chart and sizing guidelines
stained and scored driveway Paver patio, custom stone barbecue and fireplace Patio with fire pit and wood pergola
flagstone entry Bocce Backyard

Faux Wood Concrete Bridges and 'Dock' Patios

faux wood Concrete Bridge faux wood concrete Bridge faux wood concrete Bridge Faux wood dock and pond
faux wood concrete bridge and pond faux wood spa and dock pond and bridge

The photos above are faux wood stamped and stained concrete bridges and docks

Iron Arbor with Flagstone Path front yard Front yard Flagstone Entrance

Concrete Construction
Read about The Green Scene's concrete countertops in Concrete Construction magazine, August 2010:
Backyard Expanses

Concrete Patio Surfaces Mix it up with your favorite patio flooring materials By Scott Cohen
Dolphin tile coping on spa flagstone swimming pool coping

Stained and stamped driveway
swimming pool coping
Stone wall with custom ironwork Half Moon Seatwall with Firepit  Front yard  Driveway
Front yard stained flagstone driveway Paver entry Grand Front Entry
Front Yard Stained Driveway Front yard

Read Scott Cohen's article about patio sizing

on Concrete Network.

paver entry patio Paver entry patio Custom tile wall Patio
paver patio Stained and scored driveway front hardscape stained sunburst patio
Stained Concrete Driveway fire pit and patio Grand Entrance with Pilasters Stained and scored concrete driveway
Stone pilasters and paver walkway Stained and scored driveway stained and stamped driveway paver entry walkway
Stained and scored driveway patio
Garner Stone Entry flagstone pathway shade cover Stained and Scored Driveway
sundial patio and bridge Stone planter, large pavers, and pilaster bridge to spa patio and fireplace with pergola
pond with pavers Front hardscape Stained and scored driveway sundial patio
Colored Concrete and Flagstone Entry

Custom Ironwork | Custom Tile

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