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HGTVSee The Green Scene on HGTV, featuring Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen has been featured on several HGTV shows, including Get Out, Way Out, Landscaper's Challenge, and Designing For The Sexes.

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Get Out, Way Out! Season 1 and 2 Episodes

Lawrence Giraldo Presentation Mossler Filming Kinsley Filming
Lawrence Episode Giraldo Episode Mossler Episode Kinsley Episode
Freimann Bond Girl Johnston Filming Kirschner Filming Nader HGTV Filming
Freimann Episode Johnston Episode Kirschner Episode Nader Episode
Hirsch Zamani Coming Soon Theodore Complete HGTV Green Scene 	Office Filming
Hirsch Episode Zamani Episode Theodore Episode Green Scene Office

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Get Out, Way Out!
Season 2:

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-201H

Outdoor Entertaining Area with Mountain Retreat Style

The Hirsch family has outgrown their backyard, and it's been seven years since they've done any work to it. Their home currently has a Tuscan style, but they'd like to give it more of a mountain retreat feel by adding a fire pit, large trees and more space for cooking and entertaining outdoors.

Hirsch outdoor kitchen and swimming pool

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-202

Outdoor Kitchen, Spa, Fountain and Fire Pit

After 20 years, Ron and Diane Lawrence have decided to transform their yard into something magnificent. The space isn't huge, so they've asked designer Scott Cohen whether he can fit in their wish list of an outdoor kitchen, a spa, a fountain water feature and a fire pit. They want to transform their blank space into something they can show off while entertaining their friends.

Lawrence HGTV Filming

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-203

Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola and Pool Enhancements

Ron and Belinda Mossler have decided that it's time to give their backyard a new and exciting upgrade. They plan to build a full-service kitchen and to cover up the patio with a pergola structure. The swimming pool will be updated with new equipment and fountain elements to make it even more spectacular. Designer Scott Cohen and The Green Scene will make it all happen!

Mossler Fire Hearth HGTV Filming
Visit this project profile to see video from this show!

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-204

An Outdoor Entertainment Area Befitting an Italian Villa

The Giraldo family asks landscape designer Scott Cohen to transform their dirt pit of a backyard into an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area reflective of an Italian villa.

Giraldo swimming pool and spa

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-208

Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola and Pool Enhancements

Lauren and Reza Zamani are looking for a way to cool down their backyard with shade, while adding more of a romantic flair. Designer Scott Cohen delivers both these elements and creates a fabulous outdoor kitchen and lounge area as well.

Zamani HGTV Shoot
Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook
Season 1:

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-101

Adventurous Family-Friendly Backyard

Sharon has three children, ranging from toddler to teenager and needs her yard to accommodate them all. Landscape designer Scott Cohen transforms the space with a quarry-themed swimming pool that features a 52-foot-long slide and a bar. Other features include a outdoor kitchen area, a hopscotch court and play area. Now Sharon has an outdoor living room surrounded by her favorite flowers and plants.

Kinsley HGTV Filming

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-105

Elegant Spanish Pavilion

The Johnston family wanted an over-the-top outdoor living space that would resemble the Spanish style they fell in love with while traveling. To meet all their entertaining needs, designer Scott Cohen installs two kitchen areas, a pavilion dining room, a full bathroom, swim-up bar and two weather-proof flat screen television sets. The finished yard has charming fountains and a great view which reminds the Johnstons of the old country, yet with modern touches for convenience.


Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-107

Tuscan Opulence Backyard

David and Liz Kirschner are starting from scratch with a newly-built home in a barren lot next to their daughter and her new husband. They love traveling the world, collecting beautiful pieces from different countries, and would like to bring a romantic old world feel as well as other European touches to their back yard. In addition, they want top of the line outdoor kitchen appliances and an infinity edge swimming pool for the grandkids that are on the way.!

Kirschner Backyard

Scott Cohen designed the Kirschner's backyard to maximize the gorgeous canyon views with a stunning illusion swimming pool and spa, custom ironwork pavilion, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and stone fireplace.

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-109

Outdoor Area Built for Fun!

To accommodate the Theodores' active family, Scott Cohen designed the ultimate sports and relaxation center. A sports court, swimming pool with slide and spa, trampoline, outdoor kitchen, and fireplace highlight this backyard leisure spot.

Theodore perspective

Visit this project profile to see a video clip from this show!

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-110

Old World Tuscan Villa

The Nader family asked Scott Cohen to design a family friendly backyard for entertaining with a large spa with two fire bowls, and a swim-up bar. The courtyard features a large Tuscan fireplace with dual scuppers. On the other side of the swimming pool, a sunken outdoor kitchen and dining room provides a view of the valley below.

Nader Spa

Get Out, Way Out!
Episode HGOUT-111

Fire and Water

The Freimanns already have a beautiful view from their backyard. Now, Scott Cohen will enhance its magic and tranquility with amenities including a swimming pool and an outdoor kitchen, using fire and water elements as design inspiration.

Freimann swimming pool

Get Out, Way Out! The Special
Episode HGOWO-S07

In this one-hour special of Get Out, Way Out!, Scott Cohen gives tips and tricks for creating your perfect outdoor living space.

Shine Filming
Filming at the Shine residence Video Trailer

Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens
Episode HODK2-S07

Join HGTV as they count down the 10 most awesome outdoor kitchens in the country. In each segment, we'll meet families from all over the United States who've splurged so they could fully enjoy their two greatest passions: cooking and the great outdoors. Scott Cohen's design for the McDowell's outdoor kitchen paradise is #4 in the countdown!

McDowell Kitchen

Big Splash
Episode HBIGS-S06

No time to test the water with a toe, jump on in with a Big Splash. This is not your father’s kidney shaped swimming pool. HGTV plunges into this quintessential icon of American leisure to show you just how far these creative homeowners have gone to integrate incredibly inventive swimming pool designs into their landscaping with results ranging from ultra-natural to mega-monolithic.

Speyer Martini Spa

Scott Cohen designed this martini spa that has a swim-up bar and spills into the swimming pool, to give the Speyer family a perfect family backyard space for relaxing and entertaining. Visit this project profile to see a video clip from this show!

Property Buzz

A recent Property Buzz episode featured the amazing Mazaheri project from design through construction. Scott Cohen designed his most famous wine bottle barbecue counter with fiber optic lighting for this family, and much much more!

Mazaheri Filming

Visit this project profile to see a video clip from this show!

Designing For The Sexes
Episode DSX-G3

Japanese Garden featuring Scott Cohen

Perry and Sandy Payne have no idea where to begin when it comes to re-landscaping their wildly disorganized backyard. It's a good thing host Nicholas Walker has the perfect landscape designer in mind to solve their quarrels. With the guest designer on the case, it's not long before the Paynes' wild jungle becomes a peaceful Japanese garden complete with a rock garden, waterfall and spa for two.
Payne Perspective

Landscaper's Challenge
Episode LSC-105

A House Without a View featuring Scott Cohen

Kourosh and Valary Bral bought their 1948 ranch-style house and created an interior perfect for raising their 10-year-old son. Now the backyard needs attention. The couple would like it to be just as appealing as the inside. The Brals would like to fix the uneven cement patio, solve their drainage problems, create a new deck surrounding their swimming pool and add plants to beautify the yard. They would like to take the neglected sections of their backyard and unify them into one inviting and cohesive outdoor space.

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